Plucked from the archives: Interview with artist Elen Mai Wyn-Jones

Elen Mai Wyn-Jones was a queer feminist artist and an outspoken advocate for mental health – she often participated in Afiach’s events. Most people knew her as Ellie and she was a much-loved character in Cardiff, who died in November 2015. In 2019 we held an exhibition of her work at RUG Gallery in Cardiff, and it felt like we finally got to celebrate her life in a way she would be proud of. I still have some of the zines we made for the exhibition ‘Knitting & Screaming’ available here on Bandcamp.

This is an interview I did with Ellie in 2013 when I was writing an article for our student newspaper about Metanoia… I feel quite cringey about some of the questions I asked (please ignore my voice!), but when I found this interview on the depths of one of my old hard-drives it really made me laugh and smile. It captures Ellie at her best – passionate about art and community, full of positive energy and ready to take on the world! I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as I did ❤

I used parts of the interview as samples on my tribute song to her on my Efa Supertramp album ‘Apocalipstick Blues’ – Ellie had so much good messages to give to the world! I hope we can keep spreading them ❤

Efa Supertramp NEW ALBUM ‘Apocalipstick Blues’ + Double A-side 7″ Pink Vinyl

We’re pleased to tell you that our newest releases Afiach 009 and Afiach 010 are OUT NOW!

Efa Supertramp’s 7″ pink vinyl features a re-record of ‘All My Friends Are Freedom Fighters’ off her debut album RHYDDID YW Y FREUDDWYD, and ‘Prosecco Punx.’ The new album ‘Apocalipstick Blues’ features 15 brand new folk-punk songs to get you through these dark times!

7″ Vinyl artwork (left) by ONESLUTRIOT
Apocalipsticke Blues artwork (right) by POTATWS

Press Release:

‘Apocalipstick Blues’, the long-anticipated bilingual second album of feisty folk-punk songs from the Welsh singer-songwriter Efa Supertramp, is released on Friday 2 October.

This collection of 15 songs written in both her native tongue of Welsh and her adopted English was refined and recorded during the lockdown period. 

After her first album introduced her solo acoustic songs to the world, Efa combined touring with activism. The pandemic finally forced her to focus on finishing her new album.

Efa says: “The album title’s play on words is an attempt to capture the spirit of these uncertain times – there are humorous songs on the album, and there are angry songs. I guess most of us are just trying to survive these dark times.

“Overall the album is hopeful that we can build a better future. We’ll only get through this with a fabulous rebellious attitude and the support of our communities and that’s the message of my album.”

Like many a musical lockdown project, this work was recorded and mixed in a home studio, staying true to the DIY punk spirit. 

Her album includes topics such as refugee’s rights (Illegal), the Rojava revolution in northern Syria (Rhosyn Rojava), the impact of social class structure (The Scars) and solidarity movements (How Far? and Prosecco Punx) whilst as well lighter touches in the form of personal (Cigarettes and Stamps), whimsical and humorous songs (Apocalyptic Love Song)

Some of the tracks take the form of mature and tender ballads that show off Efa’s refined vocal techniques and singing styles – whilst others are more spikey and hold true to her punk background with The Stilletoes and later crossover electronic-punk act Killdren. She has performed at Rebellion Festival and Boomtown Fair and supported punk legends such as TV Smith and The Damned, as well as some of folk’s contemporary offerings like Grace Petrie and Beans on Toast. 

The new album will be available from 02/10/20 on digital download, CD and cassette from Bandcamp and Big Cartel – where you can also catch lead single Prosecco Punx on 7” vinyl. Apocalipstick Blues will also be available digitally from all major online retailers and streaming services.

Killdren – ‘Dismembers of Parliament’

Infamous rave-punk band Killdren release a politically charged and scathing new album of songs recorded during the lockdown period.

The notorious Killdren, who in 2019 were taken off the bill of Glastonbury Festival amidst heated controversy surrounding their song Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You), return with a more crafted and mature third release entitled Dismembers of Parliament.

The eight songs feature blistering attacks on a wide range of contemporary themes – inequalities and food bank use, privatisation of the NHS, the Anthropocene era and what the band sees as the inherently corrupt nature of organised religion and police forces. Despite the serious undertones of each song the tongue remains firmly in cheek, with gallows humour running through much of the lyrics.

Dismembers of Parliament by Killdren

The gruesome album title refers to the fragmentation of parliamentary politics that is being silently spearheaded by Boris Johnson and his advisor Dominic Cummings. All of the songs were completed and recorded during the lockdown period in their home studio – with one song, No More Normal, written as a last-minute response to the UK’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis and how it can shape the future.

Aside from deriving lyrical inspiration from the legacy of punk music the ‘rave’ music productions take influence from drum and bass, breakcore, grime, dub, electro and old-skool hardcore. This broad musical and lyrical fusion results in a highly original sound that doesn’t have many close relatives – but Killdren have been compared to Atari Teenage Riot, The Prodigy and Moscow Death Brigade on the electronic side; Sonic Boom Six and Bikini Kill as other female-fronted bands and even the Beastie Boys and Chumbawamba from a theatrical standpoint.

The overarching sentiments of the songs – that flits between pro-active critique and nihilistic despair – are ably brought to life in the cover art by regular Killdren artwork artist Russell Taysom, who has also produced work for Idles and Craig Charles. Highly lurid and technicolour in its gruesomeness, the band deplore the fact that their surrealistic artwork ideas are never actually that far removed from reality.

Killdren began life in spring 2017 with a single bit of agit-prop, originally a t-shirt idea, that would two years later spiral out of control as the media pack set upon the band for a bad-taste comedy-horror music video that seemingly encouraged people to murder Tory politicians and supporters. The outcry in June 2019 saw them being culled from that year’s Glastonbury Festival and sparked a censorship debate in the UK and international press.

The band’s tongue-in-cheek and politically charged mix of rave music and punk sensibilities is a nod to the existing back catalogue of the two primary band members Efa Supertramp and Nick Ronin. The former is a singer-songwriter who is part of the European DIY punk scene with her solo folk-punk act. The latter is an electronic music producer, live performer and free party veteran. Each brings their own energy and talents into the project and they choose to use their uniquely spiky and fun rave-punk fusion to project their political outlook and thirst for change.

Dismembers of Parliament is available from Bandcamp on Friday 5 June and from all other major outlets from the 12 June.

Folk-punk benefit for Radio Ava at New River Studios, London

25th January is the Chinese New Year (woohoo), as well as being Burns Night in Scotland and Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen (the Welsh valentine’s day), so seems like we have a pretty good excuse to celebrate….. It’s 2020 but for those who had a false start to the year, let’s get together and celebrate our solidarity, love and our allies at this benefit for Radio Ava (sex workers community radio).

(but no one turned away for lack of funds!!)

Sharp Knives are a Lisbon based DIY anarcho-folk punk band. Transposing our hopes, fears, doubts, frustrations, inconsistencies & dreams to words, screaming them out loud as self-empowerment, travelling and playing, we hope to create an affinity network of friends, while standing together against all forms of authority, coercion & oppression.

Efa Supertramp is a folk-punk grrrl armed with just an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. She regularly tours across Europe appearing at festivals, bars, squats, venues, living rooms and street corners to perform her songs.

Manifiesta is a UK musician based in Latin America, performing Cumbia-Dub Balkan-Jungle fusion live on accordion with original electronic production, to create a uniquely bizarre live show. Mixing Balkan and Klezmer melodies with Cumbia rhythms, while raised on Punk and ‘UK-bass’, Manifiesta’s electic sounds back up a radical message within danceable beats.

This nomadic busker is back in London and ready to rock your sox off with some originals and some Britney covers!

Poems by the feral diva Glittasphyxia, with her tales of love, sex, adventure and mental health.

The world’s greatest trans anarchist violinist will be opening up the show for us!


Radio AvA is for and by sex workers and allies. A cultural community space broadcasting our voices. A framework through which we can express explore and expand our talents, share our spectrum of experiences, improve our safety, vent, reflect, critique and celebrateRadio AvA is here for us to be heard. To debunk myths. To give non Sex Workers direct access to information and knowledge about our realities, our struggles, our demands. It is a political tool to fight intersectional oppression and stigma.”

Elen Mai Wyn-Jones – ‘A Fragmented Retrospective’ Exhibition

Golwg Darniog Yn Ôl / A Fragmented Retrospective
RUG – Unit 16, Ground Floor, Capital Centre, Queen Street, CF10 2HQ
8/11/19 – 17/11/19
Ar agor / Open: 12:00 – 18:00

Noson agoriadol / Opening night: 7/11/19 @ 18:00
(drinks + snacks provided)
Gyda perfformiadau gan / with performances from:
Trigger Warning and the Safe Spaces, Little Eris, Glittasphyxia,
Dancing Queer, Efa Supertramp, Will Ford, Beth Greenhalgh + Laz Lazarus.

Friday 8th November – Angry Women, The Invention of Schizophrenia and Spike the Sexy Vampire
River will talk about how psychology re-imagined hearing voices, unusual beliefs (usually described as paranoia) and femme anger as a mental illness that cannot be cured. Psychological diagnostic categories can depoliticise, decontextualise and individualise experiences that are often a lot to do with what happened, or is still happening.The workshop builds on River’s lived experience, their research at King’s College London and the work of the Hearing Voices Network, a voice hearer-led movement.

Saturday 9th November – Queer Crafting Circle with Theo, 2-4pm
The Queer Crafting Circle is an LGBTQ+ community space for chatting and crafting. Whether you’re an experienced crafter, looking to learn a new skill, or just want to come and hang out with your community, you’re welcome here! Bring your own crafting supplies if you have them, though there will be a small selection of supplies available which will be free for all to use. There is also no pressure to make anything at all – the craft is just an excuse for us to create a chilled space in which our community can come together.

Saturday 9th November – Zine-Making Workshop + Badge-Making with Efa + Molly 4-6pm
Ellie used to create a queercore femme zine called ‘Bitch, Please’ – titles included Alcoholic Bitch, Transformative Bitch, Obsessive Bitch, Artistic Bitch. These were a combination of accounts around mental illness, risque collages and bizzare rants and imagery. For this zine workshop,we’ll talk about what zines are, show examples of wicked zines (including Ellie’s), talk about why they are still relevant to DIY Culture and some of the different ways we can put them together/produce them! We’ll also be making badges.

Friday 15th November – JUKE Spoken Word Open Mic at Tactile Bosch Lounge (next door to RUG)
JUKE is back for a one-off event in honour of the late Elen Mai Wyn-Jones as part of the ‘A Fragmented Retrospective’ exhibition show. She was a fantastic artist and an integral part of JUKE taking off in the way that it did with the first night being dedicated to her.
There will be no feature acts just a lovely night of open micers and special connections. So please come along and share your words and celebrate a brilliant person amongst her wonderful artwork.

Saturday 16th November – CLOSING PARTY at Undertone, Cardiff
with Killdren, GlitchGirl, Spazrammer and Little Eris. 6-10pm, £5 on the door.

Accessibility: RUG Gallery is on the ground floor of Capitol Centre and is wheelchair accessible.
All public areas of the Capitol Centre are accessible spaces, including washrooms on each floor.
For press enquires:

MORE ABOUT ELEN MAI WYN-JONES HERE – We intend to build an archive of her work on this domain address, so if you have anything to contribute, please let us know! Ellie was always so enthusiastic about Afiach and always contributed to the events. We miss her so much and want to honour her memory ❤

Get Yr Veg Out: Valentine Special

Come along to Get Your Veg Out‘s valentines vegetable fundraiser for the free-haven ADM Amsterdam who were evicted after 21 years at the beginning of the month and have thousands of euros of legal fees mounting up.We will cook up a deliciously romantic feast, so bring all your partners and friends for a cheap and tasty date 😉 There will be a main meal and a saucy pudding, for a suggested donation of £3-5 (no one turned away for lack of funds!)

This will be held in our usual place, but if you haven’t been before just send us a message for the address!Food served from 7pm, you’re welcome to help cook if you want just let us know! ********

Following the meal, some of TAA collective will break off to discuss possible future creative squatted events, you are welcome to join if you have energy to do an event this year (we are trying to gage current interest). Nice one X

Get Your Veg Out – Winter Warmer

Come along to Get Your Veg Out’s people’s kitchen on Wednesday November 21st at LARC in Whitechapel – we’ll be serving a big warming plate of food to keep your cockles warm as the winter closes in. The meal will be for a suggested donation of £3 which will go to Khora’s Legal Defence Team. The whole idea is that anyone can come and eat a hot meal and if you can’t afford £3 you can eat for free or donate what you can. Bring your own drinks, and if you want to help with cooking come from 5pm to help chop!

Please smoke in the smoking area, as some people don’t like eating in a smoke-filled environment, and it also makes the space less accessible for kids/pregnant people/people with asthma etc – thank you 😃

In the anarchist and left scene of cities like Amsterdam and Berlin, there are people’s kitchens every evening in different autonomous spaces across the cities. We really like the idea of having somewhere we can get together to eat, socialise and share ideas without the pressure of having to buy over-priced drinks or food in a commercial space. Our eventual plan is to host a Get Your Veg Out people’s kitchen monthly, but hopefully inspire other spaces/people to host one too (so that eventually we could have at least a weekly people’s kitchen in London, each one in a different space and organised by different people!). Hopefully if this happened, we could also use with the information of different people’s kitchens and stop relying on facebook as our main tool of promotion – then activists and anarchists from other cities could easily find out about our events and spaces too.

The Anarchists in London 1935-1955 Book Launch and Alleyway Gig with Gab De La Vega and Efa Supertramp.

Freedom Press Presents: Albert Meltzer’s The London Anarchists 1935-1955 book launch and gig, featuring Gab De La Vega & Efa Supertramp

Join us in Angel Alley at Freedom Bookshop as we celebrate the publication of Albert Meltzer’s The Anarchists in London: 1935-1955. Meltzer was a contributor to Freedom and was a founding member of the Anarchist Black Cross.

“At the beginning of the 1930s British anarchism was barely clinging on as great movements happened elsewhere. By the mid-1960s however all that had changed. The movement was on the up, with hundreds of groups and dozens of publications to its name in a vibrant scene that would go on to make a major impact.
This is a story of the in-between years. Of solidarity with the Spanish anarchists as they fought Franco, clashes with Mosley’s fascist blackshirts, internment by the British State as it sought to crush internal dissent, of repression in a febrile post-war environment, and the bubbling pot as public sentiment turned against militarism and war.”

We will be keeping the bookshop open late, and socialising in the Angel Alley, there will be an amazing vegan collective dinner provided. We are lucky to have a couple of amazing anarchist musicians coming to play in the alleyway so come along, have dinner and a drink with us, grab yourself a copy of the book, and support the local and travelling artists!

We are suggesting a £3* donation on the evening to go toward the performers’ travel costs, and if you purchase a copy of the book on the night then we’ll take £3 off the cover price. Any further money raised will go toward the Freedom Building Repair Fund.
*No-one will be turned away for lack of funds, if you don’t have a few quid to put in don’t worry, come down and enjoy the music and a meal with us anyway!

meltzer gig new3.png



After years of playing punk and hardcore, Gab De La Vega started his solo project, putting The Smashrooms hardcore punk aside for a while and taking up an acoustic guitar. Minimal and direct melodies, where the punk three-chords theory meets vaguely folk veins. Stories of real lives, political practice, criticism and theories, some daily life glimpse and personal thoughts come along with the warm sound of the acoustic guitar, soundtrack of a journey, told with self-criticism and self-irony.



Efa Supertramp is a folk punk grrrl armed with just an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. With her passionate attitude for performing and DIY culture, she’s been making a name for herself in the underground punk and folk scene with her truthful attitude to life and politics. Originally from Wales, now based in London, Efa sings in both English and Welsh, her mother-tongue language. Her songs are angry but uplifting, she hates money, power, greed and inequality, but loves living life as free as she can.Drawing much of her inspiration from social justice issues, Efa has been regularly touring around the European continent since 2012, playing in squats, living rooms, protests, street corners, bars and festivals; supporting punk legends such as The Damned, Viv Albertine and TV Smith. Her debut album “Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd” (Freedom is the Dream) was released in 2015, through her label AFIACH.