We will be releasing Efa Supertramp’s debut album this Spring – exact date is to be confirmed, but for now you can pre-order t-shirts and help support her! To pre-order a T-Shirt please send us a message at recordiauafiach (at) gmail (dot) come

Here’s the message from Efa:


I’m recording my album at the end of this month, to be released in time for the festival gigs in the summer (exact date to be announced!)!

I’m also planning on getting some t-shirts and hoodies screen printed, because my music is always available digitally for free/pay what you want so this is another way you can support my music / touring by buying one of these and wearing it everywhere wink emoticon

I will be ordering these this week, so if you’d like to pre-order a specific design/colour/size out of these — please let me know ASAP! Cheers…

The choices are:
Black – English Text
Black – Welsh Text
White – English Text
White – Welsh Text
Black Zip-up hoodies (probably in English)

T-shirts will be £9.99, Hoodies will be £19.99.
Not sure how much postage will be, but if I’m playing in your city I can just keep it for you until then!

**I might not order all of these (because it costs more for every different design) so I’m kind of just putting this here to see what language/colours people prefer!**”


WE PRESENT TO YOU – AFIACH #5 ‘Stop Killing People You Twats’ available from our bandcamp page for £2.99 or more. 38 amazing songs, with a political message, with all funds going to the group Stop Nato Cymru who will be opposing the Nato Summit in Newport next month.


Featuring Will Tun & the Wasters, Ruffstylz Music, Attila the Stockbroker‘s Barnstormer, Côr Gobaith, Agathocles, Skunkadelic, David Rovics, Tig Linn, Radio Rhydd, The Smashrooms, Class Actions, Autonomads, Black Star Dub Collective, Afro Cluster, The Brave Toaster, Cop On Fire, Tracey Curtis, Abergaz, Bandit The Panther, Piombo, Lila, Camilla, Jamie Bevan a’r Gweddillion, Little Eris & Mab Jones, Gab De La Vega, Global Parasite, The RoJ LiGht, Mwstard, Quercus Burlesque, Taffy Twp, Death Pop, Mark Ayling Acoustic, TiTs Up, Brian Curran Acoustic, Raz Chaoten, Dangle Manatee, Ammonika and Son Capson

It’s all a mix of styles, with something for everyone – hip hop, electro, punk, folk, a choir….

SHARE IT AROUND YOUR NETWORKS AND FOR MORE INFO ON STOP NATO CYMRU – https://network23.org/stopnatocymru/en/



Out now! Issue 7 of Fuck Off Facebook. 64 jammm packed pages. Suggested donation £2-4. Paypal payments to serenefa@hotmail.com

Cachu poeth ffwrdd y myddarffycin wasg! Archeba gopi wan cont, cyn iddi nhw neud o yn anghyfreithlon.

* Interview with Salford radical rap crew Class Actions
* Interview with folk punk artist Lost Soul
* Interview with Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry
* Interview with Cardiff based Junior Bill & The Scallies
* Cyfweliad gyda’r artist hip hop Rufus Mufasa o’r criw Dope Biscuits
* Cyfweliad gyda DJs y sioe radio Cam O’r Tywyllwch
* Interview with antifa Festival 0161 Festival
* Interview with Berlin based industrial goth-popThe Sulkies
* Cyfweliad gyda’r grwp ifanc o Sir Benfro Y FFUG
Efa Supertramp Balkan Tour diary
* Cyfweliad gyda’r Cynhyrchydd Drwm a BasWOWZA
* Zagreb Anarchist Bookfair Report
*Article on Anarchism and Minority languages
*Notes from Occupied Palestine by Cosmo
*Erthygl am sgwotio yng Nghaerdydd
*Cyfweliad gyda’r cynhyrchydd electroneg Odlgymix
* Art by Elen Mai Wyn Jones
*Darliniau gan Rhys Aneurin
*Interview with singer songwritter @Aislinn Peters
*Article on Cardiff zines
*Photo’s by @Lila Tirando A Violeta
* Poems by Will Ford, Emma Syrup, Iwan ap Huw Morgan, Mab Jones, Johnny Giles and Ffion Wyn
*Cerdd gan Rhys Trimble
*Article on the word cunt
*Bedroom Tax article
*Insomniac Ramblings by Betti Baudelaire
*Reviews of Llwybr Llaethog, Maddie Jones and feature film This Time
*Vegan recipies
*Rants about stuuuuff

We will officialy be launching the zine at Birkenstomp at Gwdihw Cafe Bar! An awesome feminist event, starting at 4pm til late!


Bit late for a report, but here are some pictures from the gig we put on at 0NE/Prison squat in July, which has since been evicted … It was a great evening, with Article 8 playing their first gig ever with some awesome bilingual songs between the ukelele and drum duo, watch out for this band as they have great potential and I’m sure they will be appearing more around Cardiff. Public Order Act, a dub punk band from Bristol played a great set and got the room moving. Last on were Piss on Authority and they were absolutely immense, showing their experience of playing punk for almost 20 years and still so passionate! As well as paying the bands we raised £57.25 for Welsh Antifa, which was used to print some vinyl stickers and transport members of Welsh Antifa to oppose the EDL in Tower Hamlets at the beginning of this month.

Ychydig yn hwyr am adroddiad llawn, ond dyma chydig o luniau o’r gig wnaethom ni rhoi ‘mlaen yn mis Gorffennaf yn y sgwot wrth y carchar. Dyma Article 8 yn chwarae ei set cyntaf erioed, gyda caneon gwych a llawer o botensial gan y deuawd ddwyieithog ukelele & drwm! Dyma Public Order Act, band pync dyb o Fryste yn chwarae set cwl a cael y stafell i ddawnsio. Piss on Authority oedd yn chwarae olaf ac roeddent yn anhygoel, yn dangos ei profiad o chwarae pync am bron i ugain mlynedd, ac dal hefo angerdd ifanc ac iach. Yn ogystal ac talu’r bandiau, dyma ni’n codi £57.25 i grwp AntiFa Cymru, mae’r arian wedi cael ei ddefnyddio i brintio sticers ac i yrru wrth-ffasgwyr o Dde Cymru i wrthwynebu yr EDL yn Llundain cychwyn mis yma.











Radicalz Afiach Report

July 1, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, we put on C.U.B.A Cabbal & Leleprox, an Italian militant rap group from Italy who were raising money for comrades who have been in prison since 2001 when they were arrested during the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa. They played four dates in the UK, starting off at a gig in London as part of the opposition to this year’s G8 summit, then coming to Cardiff, followed by Bristol and Brighton. It was great to be part of a tour of South of Britain, and hopefully more international touring bands will come and visit us here as a fourth date, after London, Bristol and Brighton which all have established and well-known alternative scenes.

This was our first gig in The Wells Hotel basement and it was a huge success. We will definitely be doing more down there, there is more space and the noise is much quieter from outside. Watch out for awesome things to come down there, not just from Afiach but also Original Human Records who have big plans for The Wells Hotel!

The first local support was awesome homegrown hip hop from Rufus Mufasa, Jamey P and Brave Toaster. These guys are great and so productive, there is no stopping them. Jamey’s lyrics are captivating, Rufus’ voice original and powerful and Brave Toaster’s beats providing the perfect backdrop to the amazing duo Jamey and Rufus are. I would highly recommend checking these guys online and in real life, and make sure you keep up to date with them because they’re always producing new stuff.

Following this was Y Pencadlys, a great Welsh-language electronic act with original, dark but humorous lyrics. His energetic and confidence performance and fun beats got people moving in the basement.

Our headliners were amazing, despite not understanding a word of Italian, you don’t need to understand the language to understand the spirit of revolutionary underground hip hop. The beats were awesome, the feeling of it was awesome… We were so happy to have comrades from Italy blessing the basement with our first every show there!

After C.U.B.A Cabbal had finished rapping Leleprox played a drum’n’bass set using only vinyl, it was banging!!! Everyone went crazy, dancing and enjoying the wicked beats. Jamey P and Rufus got back up on the mike and started freestyling! Great end to a great show…

New art work was up by: Elen Mai Wyn Jones, Maja Lunachick and Lembo..

Afiach’s distro is building up now, we haven’t put everything up on our website but hopefully we can be around festivals, gigs and anarchist bookfairs soon!


Cwpwl o wythnosau nol natha ni rhoi C.U.B.A Cabbal & Leleprox ‘mlaen yn y Wells Hotel. Grwp rap militant o’r Eidal ydynt, oedd ar daith i godi arian yw ffrindiau sydd wedi bod yn y carchar ers y protest mawr yn erbyn y G8 yn Genoa yn 2001. Pedwar sioe oedd ganddynt wedi ei drefnu ym Mhrydain, y cyntaf yn Llundain fel rhan o’r wythnos i brotestio y gynhadledd G8 2013, yr ail yma hefo ni yng Nghaerdydd ac yna Briste a Brighton. Da ni yn hapus iawn o fod y pedwerydd dyddiad yn de Prydain ac yn gobeithio bydd mwy o fandiau rhyngwladol yn dod i chwarae yma yn y dyfodol.

Hwn oedd ein gig cyntaf ni yn selar y Wells Hotel ac roedd o’n lwyddiant mawr. Yn bendant nawni rhoi mwy o gigs lawr yna, mae mwy o le ac mae’r sŵn yn llawer tawelach tu allan. Gwyliwch allan am bethau gwych lawr yno, ddim ond gan Afiach ond hefyd Original Human Records, label Little Eris, sydd hefo cynlluniau mawr am y Wells Hotel!

Y grwp cyntaf lleol oedd yn cefnogi oedd Rufus Mufasa, Jamey P & Brave Toaster. Mae nhw yn wych, ac yn cynhyrchu cerddoriaeth newydd trwy’r adeg. Mae geiriau Jamey yn glyfar a diddorol, a llais Rufus yn bwerus ac gwreiddiol, tra bod Brave Toaster yn creu curiadau gret fel cefndir i’r cwpwl.

Nesaf ymlaen oedd Y Pencadlys, sydd yn creu curiadau gwreiddiol hefo geiriau tywyll ond doniol hefyd. Cafodd y stafell yn symyd gyda ei berfformiad egniol, hyderus.

Roedd y prif fand C.U.B.A Cabbal & Leleprox yn wych, er bod fi ddim yn dallt gair o Eidaleg, does dim angen dallt iaith i ddallt ysbryd chwyldroadol hip hop tanddaearol! Curiad awesome, roeddynt yn creu teimlad anhygoel yn y stafell… Roedden i mor hapus i gael band mor wych o’r Eidal yn chwarae gig cyntaf y basment!

Ar ol i C.U.B.A Cabbal orffen dyma Leleprox yn chwarae set drwm a bas yn defnyddio feinyl yn unig. Roedd pawb yn mwynhau dawnsio yn wyllt, a dyma Jamey a Rufus yn cychwyn freestylio!

Am yr Afiach yma roedd celf newydd gan: Elen Mai Wyn Jones, Maja Lunachick & Lembo.

Mae distro Afiach wedi tyfu nawr, mae gyna ni llawer o bethau diddorol ond dwi heb gael amser i rhoi nhw fyny ar y wefan yma.. Fydda ni o gwmpas gigs, gwyliau a ffair lyfrau anarchaidd gweddill y flwyddyn though!a href=”https://recordiauafiach.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/179700_591123257576042_1868019459_n.jpg”>179700_591123257576042_1868019459_n
















radicalz afiach

AFIACH yn cyflwyno // presents::

C.U.B.A Cabbal & DJ Leleprox
Y Pencadlys
Jamey P, Rufus Mufasa & The Brave Toaster

@ The Wells Hotel, 77 Craddock Street, CF11 6EW
7-11pm, suggested donation £3-5

All the way from Italy to The Wells Hotel, is militant rapper C.U.B.A Cabbal who has been part of the radical hip hop scene in Europe for 20 years. He has shitloads of amazing songs under his belt, so come down and see which ones he’ll choose to play for us in Cardiff! They are in the UK to oppose the G8 summit, and following it with a UK tour so come and get inspired to make this a summer of resistance!

Local support comes from Y Pencadlys, amazing Datblygu-esque electronic Welsh stuff, as well as homegrown hip-hop from Jamey P & Rufus Mufasa.

Suggested donation for entry £3-5, all proceeds go to anarchist prisoners in Italy who were arrested opposing the last G8 summit.

This will be the first gig in The Wells Hotel bassment, as usual the gig will finish at 11pm because its in residential area. Please leave quietly and respect the local residents. We wan’t to keep doing what we’re doing, and as usual it goes without saying that this is a self-run space, so please respect The Wells Hotel and its residents! NICE ONE!


Holl ffordd o’r Eidal i’r Wells Hotel; mae rapyr anarchaidd C.U.B.A Cabbal wedi bod yn rhan o’r sin hip hop radical yn Ewrop ers drost ugain mlynedd. Mae ganddo shitloads o ganeon anhygoel, felly dewch i weld pa rhai bydd o’n chwarae yn Nghaerdydd! Mae nhw ym Mhrydain i wrthwynebu y G8, ac yn dilyn hyn efo taith o gwmpas y Wlad felly dewch i gael eich ysbrydoli am haf o frwydro yn erbyn y system!!

Acts lleol fydd yn cefnogi ydi Y Pencadlys, cerddoriaeth electro anhygoel, chydig bach yn debyg i Datblygu, ac hefyd hip hop lleol gan Jamey P & Rufus Mufasa.

Awgrymir cyfraniad o £3-5, ag mae holl bres sydd yn cael ei neud yn mynd i garcharorion anarchaidd cafodd ei arrestio yn gwrthwynebu y G8 summit dwythaf.

Dyma gig cyntaf yn bassment y Wells Hotel, ac fel arfer bydd y gig yn gorffen am 11 achos mae mewn ardael residentital. Plis newchi adael yn dawel a parchu y pobol lleol. Da ni isho cario mlaen neud be da ni neud yma! Mae Wells Hotel yn fan sydd yn cael ei redeg yn annibyol felly cofiwch barchu y Wells ag y pobol sydd yn byw yna hefyd!!




£5 (& 60p P&P) —

23 tracks, different genres, same anger, all proceeds go to Stop G8 South Wales group…

23 trac, gwahanol arddulliau, yr un angerdd, i godi arian tuag at grwp Stop G8 De Cymru….


hip hop afiach


Afiach is putting together a compilation to raise money for the South Wales Stop G8 group. The money made from sales will go directly to this regional group which will be part of opposing the G8 when they meet in the UK in June. (If you don’t know much about Stop G8 there is more info here – https://network23.org/stopg8/g8-201/)

We are looking for contributions for the compilation, it can be a song that has appeared somewhere before or a brand new track dedicated to Stop the G8 – it’s up to you.

As the G8 summit is happening in June, we are working against the clock so the deadline to getting tracks to us is May 10th (if you are intending on sending us a track please let us know, and obviously the earlier the better!) The CDs will be printed soon after this and sold around Cardiff and over the internet. As well as raising money we hope that if people buy the CD for the music we can also raise awareness of what the G8 is and how we can oppose it.


Mae Afiach yn llunio casgliad i godi arian ar gyfer y grŵp Stop G8 De Cymru. Bydd yr arian a wneir o werthiant y CD yn mynd yn uniongyrchol i’r grŵp rhanbarthol hyn a fydd yn rhan o wrthwynebu y G8 pan fyddant yn cwrdd yn DU ym mis Mehefin. (Os nad ydych yn gwybod llawer am Stop G8 mae mwy o wybodaeth yma – https://network23.org/stopg8/g8-201/)

Rydym yn chwilio am gyfraniadau ar gyfer casgliad, gall fod yn gân sydd wedi ymddangos yn rhywle cyn hyn neu trac newydd sbon sy’n ymroddedig i Atal y G8 – mae i fyny i chi.

Fel y mae’r uwchgynhadledd G8 yn digwydd ym mis Mehefin, rydym yn gweithio yn erbyn y cloc, felly y dyddiad cau ar gyfer cael traciau i ni yw y10fed o Fai (os ydych yn bwriadu ar anfon trac atom ni os gwelwch yn dda gadewch i ni wybod, ac yn amlwg gorau po gyntaf!) Bydd y CD yn cael ei argraffu yn fuan ar ôl hyn ac yn cael ei werthu o amgylch Caerdydd a dros y rhyngrwyd. Yn ogystal â chodi arian yr ydym yn gobeithio y bydd hyn yn codi ymwybyddiaeth o’r G8 a sut y gallwn ni ei wrthwynebu.


AFIACH are very pleased to announce that Radio Rhydd’s album is OUT NOW and available through us. To celebrate the release we put together a mini tour of South Wales for them. Singer and ranter Cai O’Marah wrote this tour diary for you guys to enjoy!

21st March, The Wells Hotel, Riverside, Cardiff – The first stop on our debut album’s release tour was The Wells Hotel in Riverside, Cardiff, being supported by a couple of acoustic acts. The first act of the night was Aran Stinker, delivering a set of lyrically aggressive, but darkly humorous folk-punk. Second on the bill was Cosmo, with quirky political folk-protest songs which got people dancing and smiling. We were up next: and as we were setting up people began piling into the small room. The set itself is a bit of a blur, but I can remember as we were about to start, telling people to dance and go mental, and also reminding people that our album was being released that night. This is something that I continually did throughout the reminder of the tour. “REMEMBER; Radio Rhydd’s album on sale on that table”!!! Our first song of the night was ‘Casineb’ and the first gig ever for us to use a different opening track to the album’s title track – Trapped in the Game. It worked well, as it’s a slap in the face, grungy track somewhere along the lines of Crazy Horse or Nirvana maybe. As the band were ploughing through the opening bars I stood at centre with my hood up swaying my head backwards and forwards waiting in anticipation for the rhymes to kick in. After smashing through the opener we were greeted with cheers as I threw my coat onto the floor, already dripping in sweat, and we threw ourselves into the reminder of the set. Possibly the most memorable moments of the gig was getting everyone to join in singing the chorus to ‘Annibyniaeth’ and ‘Politician,’ Côr Wells Cont!! Ffycin Spot On!!

Radio Rhydd

Radio Rhydd @ Wells Hotel

The atmosphere was electric, friendly, supportive and well up for it, dancing and bobbing around the small room. Just like our last visit to Cardiff and The Wells Hotel. I remember at one point saying “alright, this ain’t a fucking Justin Biebar gig” because of the rapturous cheers emitted from the gathering of people up front. Haha!! It was funny, fun, lively, energetic and the crowd were really into it. We had our backs against the wall, standing less than inches from the crowd, (in fact we were virtually inside the crowd) but I think this is the type of gigs that we thrive in doing. Gigs where the people present actually give a shit. In the end after throwing our instruments onto the floor and thanking the crowd with a quick ‘peace and love’ message we got ready to relax after a tiring day of travelling down south. The headline band, 51st State, were awesome as usual. 2-piece punk band from Somerset. We discussed together the possibility of arranging a couple of 51st State // Radio Rhydd gigs in the future – in both our home regions – Bethesda and Somerset. Maybe in the summer. That would be awesome. Anyway, another amazing AFIACH night at The Wells. After the night we were dragged (although not much dragging was necessary) to go out on the town. We ended up partying till about 7 in the morning. During that time we managed to record a drunken’ cello-beatbox-rap’rapping hip hop session-song with Ellie Mai. (the genius behind METANOIA) I should put that up on soundcloud in the near future – Roc a Rol cont!!! Fair to say, we started the tour with a bang.

Radio Rhydd

Radio Rhydd @ Wells Hotel

22nd March, Warehouse 54, Newport – Waking up with one fuck of a hangover was not the best of ways to start day 2 of the tour. But after dragging our feet through the rain-puddled streets of Cardiff to the Food Not Bombs stall behind Central Market we quickly recovered after some amazing soup and a pint afterwards. Newport – none of us had ever been there before, so we didn’t really know what to expect. However, I knew that one of my heroes – Joe Strummer – loved the place, and even lived there for a while. We headed for the venue in the car about 6’oclock for a half 6 sound check. When we arrived we were greeted by a guy that looked like he belonged in the deep south USA, with his long hair in a ponytail, beer belly, swigging on a can whilst talking with us and large silver rings on his stubby fingers. Oh and he was always cracking jokes and laughing to them – himself. He was a funny character. He instructed us to unload the car and dump everything onto the stage, so as we could move the car soon as because it was parked in an unloading space, and only allowed to be there for a short amount of time. The venue itself was large with something like three or four floors towering above the stage. Red stage lights glared down from one of the balconies. The venue is also used as a late night bar, or club. The sound check went well, and was done after a couple of songs. The music eventually kicked off with our own Rhys Bowen Harries delivering a set of acoustic songs that really did engage people. It was amazing. His trick of pretending to finish a song, wait for the applauses, then heading back into it worked well. It got people smiling. Efa Supertramp was amazing as usual. The band afterwards – Volente – had a guy on a kit and a women singing and playing guitar. It was really psychedelic in its own way, really good stuff. By the time we got onto the stage a congregation of people stood at the bar talking amongst each other.

Radio Rhydd @ Warehouse 54

Radio Rhydd @ Warehouse 54

My first effort of introducing the band and engaging the crowd fell mostly on deaf ears, except for the people at the front – which were the acts that played before us, Crav, Julian and the other guy that organized the event, and my parents. Haha!! Everyone else was too interested in downing their pints it would seem. Anyway, when we kicked off we got a few people at least glancing in the direction of the stage, and a couple even making the effort to applaud somewhere beyond the front line. But some people came and went during the gig, some even sitting down as close to the stage as they could, and a couple looking down from the balcony above. Needless to say, we didn’t sell any albums in Newport.

Radio Rhydd @ Warehouse 54

Radio Rhydd @ Warehouse 54

23rd March, METANOIA, Cwmaman Institute, Aberdare – We headed for an early night after Newport, despite us having information and directions to a massive party in Central Cardiff. RADIO CALL (sensible) not RADIO RHYDD (free). We had to catch a twelve o’clock bus from Cardiff Castle to the Rhondda Valleys for what was to become an amazing full day and night of live music, art and poetry at the Cwmaman Institute in the Valleys. The bus was pre-arranged by the organizers – Bronwen ‘Little Eris’ and Elen Mai. The event, METANOIA, was to try and raise awareness to the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. After arriving we went for lunch; Rhys and Ant got some meaty shit at some shop, and I got the best veggie burger in the world at some VERY vegan-friendly café down the road from the Institute, it came with hummus. AMAZING CONT. Afterwards, a local took a group of us up into the valley through a sculpture park as others were busy setting up inside the Institute. We walked for a good amount of time through frosty grass glistening like glass and a cold wind blowing across the valley. The sculptures in the park were well crafted, and the local explained that it was a community project, and the entire area had helped in either crafting, moving or positioning them. Along the way I saw several allotments for growing food as well, although most of it was submerged under blankets of snow. Organic community in the valleys?! It’s good to see someone other than the middle classes, that can afford the time, doing stuff like that. The local took us up to a man-made lake just before the path went up a rocky-slope heading into the snow-drenched trees. We could look out across the entire valley from there. It was beautiful, peaceful, quiet and fucking cold. Now, back at the Institute the acts had began. I would be here all day if I mentioned every single act, or detail, but I will say that there were some amazing and inspirational poetry, art, music and speeches there that day. Dave Skull, for example, came all the way down from London to deliver an inspirational and passionate speech about the stigma surrounding mental illness, the closed doors that surround people with mental health and the help, or lack of, that they receive from the so-called ‘NHS.’ We were the first live band of the day to play, so it took them ages to get the stage ready for us. The stage was massive, in a big hall on the top floor of the Institute.

Radio Rhydd @ Metanoia

Radio Rhydd @ Metanoia

A guy that looked like a Beatle introduced us by saying ‘Radio Rhydd has taken a long time to set up, but when they start playing I’m sure you’ll realize that the wait was well worth it. I saw them play at The Wells on Thursday, and I can honestly say that they are the best band I’ve seen … in the last week” haha!! People came to the front to watch us after the introduction. The gig was amazing. Again, we were at a place where the people there were really into it. Again, I got them singing on a couple of songs. We swapped instruments 3/4th of a way through our set to play our new song ‘Accident Waiting to Happen’ and ‘Byd ‘di Blino.’ During which time our spectators at the front had dispersed. The two songs are also much slower than our average number. Anyway, we got them back by saying “where the fuck has the Radio Rhydd’s choir gone to? We need your help again.” I got them through a rendition of ‘politician (brainwash the nation)’ before we played it. I think we finished off with ‘Ffwcia’r Olympics’ which is a song that more people know, mainly because they’d heard it on the ‘Cymru Afiach’ CD. So, we got people singing again to finish off. What a gig. What a crowd. People kept coming up to us all night saying how much they’d enjoyed the set. The rest of the night was fucking amazing. We had a slight disaster when the mixer or the PA or something blew. But they replaced it. Headjam was fucking amazing. Heroes of the Reclaim the Streets documentary. And in my opinion they lived up to the hype. Really cool people as well.

Radio Rhydd @ Metanoia

Radio Rhydd @ Metanoia

24th March, FUCK THE G8, Red and Black Umbrella, Cardiff – Our final night on the tour was a squat in Splott, Cardiff. A highly political gig. Our favourites. The event’s title, FUCK THE G8, is self-explanatory. For those that don’t know, the G8 is an organization comprised of 8 of the world’s wealthiest nations that reinforces and protects an economic, social and political system that benefits from keeping its majority people subservient, in poverty and chains, both physical and mental. Fuck the G8. We were on first. We went through a quick sound check, and then straight into the set. The room was fucking cold, so I told people to dance around a bit so then the room would warm up. When we started I was wearing several layers, by the end of the first song (and after jumping off the stage and into the crowd a couple of times) I felt the need to strip down to just one. It was fucking hot. We were playing on a wooden stage a couple of inches off the ground and a huge black banner behind us serving as a back drop with FUCK THE G8 written in white paint on it.

Radio Rhydd @ Fuck G8 Gig

Radio Rhydd @ Fuck G8 Gig

We got some people dancing and singing along again. It was a good gig. We were fucking knackered afterwards though. Rhys soon recovered though, after smashing through two bottles of wine. Haha!! Again, people at the gig were familiar with ‘Ffwcia’r Olympics,’ I even saw one French guy head banging and throwing his fists in the air and singing the chorus to the song. IT WAS FUN. The other bands of the night were amazing – Grand Collapse, Rash Decision and 2 Sick Monkey. 2 Sick Monkey even gave Radio Rhydd a shout out during their set. We moshed (- well, me and Rhys did) a lot all night. And our first ever proper tour was finished. To finish off our holiday in the south we went to some Middle Eastern place for falafels, and we codi cwilydd ar Crav. Ant went for a piss, and he came out of the saloon-styled door of the toilets with his fingers replicating guns and he shouted across the restaurant, ‘howdy partners’ or something like that. The entire place went quiet, except for us lot laughing like maniacs in the corner, and Crav looking about awkwardly, but grinning.

The first tour was a success. Now remember – Radio Rhydd album’s on sale on afiach.co.uk. £6.50 includes postage and packaging …

Heddwch a Cariad Cont // Peace and Love Cunt





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