WOW! Dolig Afiach was awesome! Thank you so much for everyone that came and joined us for our disgusting anti-capitalist celebration of Christmas! All the Afiach crew had an amazing time, and have been blown away by the growing support for what we’re doing! It’s great to see grass roots stuff like this working inContinue reading “DOLIG AFIACH 15.12.12”

15.12.12 DOLIG AFIACH — The Parliamentalist, Son Capson, Wuw & SanSquatch!

Another exciting night of music planned, everyone welcome regardless of money situation. Suggested donation of £3 to help pay the bands for petrol! Official launch of our first release “CYMRU aFiACH” and loads of awesome music planned!!!! Also an insitlation piece by Serena Boheimer, vegan food, zines and more art!! COME COME!

Our first CD OUT NOW— Free Zine to first 100 — 10 Radical Welsh songs only £5

Dyma CD cyntaf allan ar y label Afiach, dim ond £5 am 10 can radical Cymraeg, ag zine Afiach wedi ei neud yn enwedig i fynd efo 100 CD cyntaf i’w werthu! Os ‘da chi methu fforddio £5 gadewch ni wybod i ni gael sortio rhwybeth allan, mae Afiach eisiau cynnwys pawb! WOOP WOOP! PresantContinue reading “Our first CD OUT NOW— Free Zine to first 100 — 10 Radical Welsh songs only £5”

Afiach’s first release — CYMRU aFiACH out now /// allan nawr

Here it is — our first release, a compilation of radical Welsh music, available for £5 (plus 60p p&p) you can pay by sending a cheque, paypal, bank transfer, at Afiach gigs etc.. Email serenefa at hotmail dot com – to make a plan, or make a paypal transfer to that address :] sorry notContinue reading “Afiach’s first release — CYMRU aFiACH out now /// allan nawr”