STAND STRONG TOGETHER Tour coming to AFIACH in Cardiff

January 12, 2013

The “STAND STRONG TOGETHER” tour is heading to Holland and Germany before AFIACH brings these amazing acoustic punk artists to Cardiff!

Mae’r daith “STAND STRONG TOGETHER” yn mynd i’r Iseldiroedd ac yr Almaen cyn mae Afiach yn dod a’r ddau artist pync acwstic yma i Gaerdydd!


& local acts TBA///artistiad lleol i’w gyflwyno yn fuan!

26th February 2013 — The Wells Hotel —– 26fed o Chwefror!


Plus the usual AFIACH experience — Vegan meal for donations, Radical Zines and loads of wicked art around. Please remember this is a self-run space which means it needs to be respected for things like this to work. Thanks!

As usual to make the gig accessible to everyone, door price is a suggested donation of £3-5 but everyone is welcome regardless of money shituation. These are touring artists, as well as raising money for a great campaign so if you can give that is great.

Ac popeth arall ‘da chi’n gael pob tro yn AFIACH – pryd o fwyd llysieuol am gyfraniad, zines a lot o gelf cwl o gwmpas! Plis cofiwch bod y lle yma yn cael ei rhedeg yn hollol annibynol sydd yn meddwl mae angen parchu o! Diolch!

I neud siwr bod AFIACH yn cynnwys pawb, rydym yn awgrymu cyfraniad o £3-5, ond mae croeso i bawb dim otch am bres! Mae’r artistiad yma ar daith, yn ogystal ag yn hel pres am ymgyrch da iawn, felly os da chi’n gallu cyfrannu mae hyna’n gret!


About the artists //// am dan yr artistiaid

Louise Distras

Louise Distras

This upcoming punk singer is one to look out for, Louise Distras is constantly touring, recording new songs and making wicked videos

Mae’r ferch yma sydd yn canu pync acwstic yn un i edrych allan am, mae Louise Distras teithio, recordio a neud fideos newydd heb stopio! —-

“Girls got lungs! Louise Distras is destroying it in the UK right now, flying the flag for all female artists. She is what all punk should be about!” – BBC RADIO 1 PUNK SHOW

“The female 21st century Joe Strummer!” – SHATTERED GLASS MEDIA

Lost Soul

Lost Soul

This is Lost Soul‘s second time at Afiach, he was amazing last time with his anti fascist, socially aware, political lyrics!

Dyma ail dro Lost Soul yn Afiach, roedd o’n anhygoel tro dwythaf hefo ei eiriau cryf yn erbyn hiliaeth ac y llywodraeth!


Louise Distras and Lost Soul will be raising funds in aid of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation:

-To ensure a lasting legacy to Sophie
-To provide educational group-works that will challenge the prejudice and intolerance towards people
from alternative subcultures.
-To campaign to have the UK Hate Crime legislation extended to include people from alternative subcultures or
lifestyle and dress.


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