Out now! Issue 7 of Fuck Off Facebook. 64 jammm packed pages. Suggested donation £2-4. Paypal payments to serenefa@hotmail.com

Cachu poeth ffwrdd y myddarffycin wasg! Archeba gopi wan cont, cyn iddi nhw neud o yn anghyfreithlon.

* Interview with Salford radical rap crew Class Actions
* Interview with folk punk artist Lost Soul
* Interview with Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry
* Interview with Cardiff based Junior Bill & The Scallies
* Cyfweliad gyda’r artist hip hop Rufus Mufasa o’r criw Dope Biscuits
* Cyfweliad gyda DJs y sioe radio Cam O’r Tywyllwch
* Interview with antifa Festival 0161 Festival
* Interview with Berlin based industrial goth-popThe Sulkies
* Cyfweliad gyda’r grwp ifanc o Sir Benfro Y FFUG
Efa Supertramp Balkan Tour diary
* Cyfweliad gyda’r Cynhyrchydd Drwm a BasWOWZA
* Zagreb Anarchist Bookfair Report
*Article on Anarchism and Minority languages
*Notes from Occupied Palestine by Cosmo
*Erthygl am sgwotio yng Nghaerdydd
*Cyfweliad gyda’r cynhyrchydd electroneg Odlgymix
* Art by Elen Mai Wyn Jones
*Darliniau gan Rhys Aneurin
*Interview with singer songwritter @Aislinn Peters
*Article on Cardiff zines
*Photo’s by @Lila Tirando A Violeta
* Poems by Will Ford, Emma Syrup, Iwan ap Huw Morgan, Mab Jones, Johnny Giles and Ffion Wyn
*Cerdd gan Rhys Trimble
*Article on the word cunt
*Bedroom Tax article
*Insomniac Ramblings by Betti Baudelaire
*Reviews of Llwybr Llaethog, Maddie Jones and feature film This Time
*Vegan recipies
*Rants about stuuuuff

We will officialy be launching the zine at Birkenstomp at Gwdihw Cafe Bar! An awesome feminist event, starting at 4pm til late!