AFIACH #6 – Efa Supertramp “Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd – OUT NOW! ALLAN NAWR!

Efa Supertramp is a punk folk singer from Wales. Her new album “Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd” (Freedom is the Dream) is out now on the Afiach label. Efa Supertramp has spent the past few years making a name for herself on the underground scene with her truthful attitude to life and politics. She has touredContinue reading “AFIACH #6 – Efa Supertramp “Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd – OUT NOW! ALLAN NAWR!”

Temporary Autonomous Art Cardiff 2015 – Photos!

Here are some photos from the TAA event, there are more over on Afiach’s facebook page. There have also been a couple of reviews written, one by Wales Arts Review and one from Romania, focusing on Lembo’s “Keep It Peel Sticker Expo”. We’ll be writing our own review and posting our own photos eventually, butContinue reading “Temporary Autonomous Art Cardiff 2015 – Photos!”