A-Grrrlz and Afiach are coming together again, to bring you another evening of amazing acts from Cardiff and beyond. This time we are raising money for the Refugee Women’s Centre in Dunkirk (more about the project at the bottom)

This time we are back at Little Man Coffee Co, with a suggested donation of £5 or more, for entry! We need to pay venue hire, travel costs and printing costs before any money is made for the Refugee Women’s Centre – to help us raise more, we will have cakes, snacks, zines and other bits and bobs for you to purchase, so bring your pocket money with you!

♫ LILITH AI (Riot Grrrl Blues, London)

London singer-songwriter Lilith Ai, performs poignant tales of modern city life and is at the forefront of the riot grrrl revival happening in the music scene right now. Her songs show urban life through a clear lens, that does not hesitate to reveal her dark life experience. She is a multidimensional talent, as well as being a musician she is a club promoter and visual artist who makes zines.

♫ RUFUS MUFASA (Hip Hop, Pontypridd)

Seamlessly switching from Welsh and English, Rufus Mufasa has a powerful voice you cannot forget. She is a rapper and singer-songwriter who cites diverse influences from soul to jungle D’n’B, and is part of South Wales’ hip hop crew Dope Biscuits.

♫ ANNI WALL (Welsh Folk, Swansea)

Acoustic folk trio from Swansea with melodic harp and piano accordion, singing in both Welsh and English.


★ ERIC NGALLE CHARLES (Spoken Word, Cameroon/Russia/Wales)

Eric Ngalle Charles is a story-teller and poet, with many tales to tell. He left his homeland Cameroon in fear of his life. He ran with crime gangs in a lawless underclass in Russia, before coming to Wales, which he describes at the country of his rebirth. He has written a book called “Asylum” about what it means to be a refugee, but for this event he will be performing some poems for us.


♫ COSMO (Anarcho-folk-punk-hiphop, Cardiff/London)

Cosmo is a one-man anarcho-folk-punk-hiphop phenomenon! His energetic shows fuse sharp comedy with ruthless social satire and high octane passion. He has been involved in many migrant solidarity groups, including being a co-founder of Music Without Borders in Cardiff.


♫ EFA SUPERTRAMP (Folk Punk, Cymru)

Bilingual folk-punk singer songwriter, has been touring all over Europe over the past few years playing in protests, squats, street corners, living rooms, bars and festivals. Her songs are angry but uplifting and full of energy!

★ GLITTASPHYXIA (Performance Art, UK)


The Refugee Women’s Centre in Grande-Synthe camp de la Linière is a safe space for the women of the camp to come with their children for support, relaxation and to create relationships with the other women in the camp as well as the volunteers. Many of them have been there for several months after traumatic departures from their countries and long and dangerous journeys across Europe.
Whether pregnant women, single mothers, young or old families, the 180 women of the camp suffer similar threats and pressures from the grey, desperate and male-dominated environment around them. In the Womens Centre we try to sooth the difficulties of daily life and provide an alternative to the seclusion of remaining in the shelters. We have a kitchen for the women to cook in, a free shop for the distribution of women’s and children’s hygiene products and a clothes and shoes distribution.
We rely entirely on material and financial donations to ensure the continued running of the centre and support of the women and their families. The money we raise goes towards clothes, shoes and hygiene products, and communal resources for art, sewing, cooking and ‘pamper days’.