£218 raised for Women’s Refugee Centre in Dunkirk at Afiach & A-grrrlz benefit gig!

October 25, 2016

Last Monday, Afiach and A-Grrrls came together to raise money for the amazing Refugee Women’s Centre in Dunkirk. We are pleased to say that the wonderful evening of entertainment, cake, screen-printed goodies and zines helped raise £218.42 for the group.

The centre in Grande-Synthe camp de la Linière is a safe space for the women of the camp to come with their children for support, relaxation and to create relationships with the other women in the camp as well as the volunteers. Many of them have been there for several months after traumatic departures from their countries and long and dangerous journeys across Europe.

Whether pregnant women, single mothers, young or old families, the 180 women of the camp suffer similar threats and pressures from the grey, desperate and male-dominated environment around them. In the Womens Centre we try to sooth the difficulties of daily life and provide an alternative to the seclusion of remaining in the shelters. We have a kitchen for the women to cook in, a free shop for the distribution of women’s and children’s hygiene products and a clothes and shoes distribution.

Thanks to Daisy Green Creative and Joe Roberts for these photographs!



Efa Supertramp (acoustic folk punk from Wales)


Glyttsphyxia performing “Hummusexual” – performance art from Cardiff (via Wellington, NZ and Oxfordshire!)



Eric Ngalle Charles, Cardiff-based poet, originally from Cameroon and having come to Wales via. Russia!



Dancing Queer: Egyptian belly-dancing with a queer twist, raising awareness of the persecution of LGBTQ+ people in their home country.



Anni Wall, a Welsh-language folk trio from Swansea


Rufus Mufasa, a spoken-word poet and hip hop educator from Pontypridd


Rufus, invited Efa Supertramp to play guitar and Eric Ngalle Charles to play his drum, whilst she rapped, seamlessly switching between Welsh & English


The incredibly talented Lilith Ai from London headlined the evening and mesmerized everyone with her beautiful and unique style of Riot Grrrl Blues.



Lilith Ai’s amazing DIY merchandise – zines, t-shirt, patches, badges – all made herself!

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