Afiach & Dancing Queer call out for Queer Arabic musicians and poets!

February 15, 2017


احنا بندور على فنانين عرب مثليين نقدر نستخدم اغانيهم او شعرهم في البوم للبيع ببريطانيا بغرض جمع تبرعات لدعم مجموعات المثليه في مصر

Afiach and Dancing Queer are looking for Queer & Arabic artists to help us fill an album with their wonderful songs and poetry! We will be selling this album to raise money for Bedayaa – An Egyptian Activist Group supporting LGBT+ people in Egypt where we are legally imprisoned, tortured, and admitted in Mental Asylums.



My name is Shrouk El-Attar (aka Dancing Queer) and I’m an LGBT+ Rights activist and Refugee from Egypt.

Life is not easy for Queer people in Egypt, it’s often seen as the duty of the government, community, and our own families to punish us – simply for who we are, for who we love.

We are forced into marriages and bearing children, we are thrown into mental health hospitals and left there to rot, we are imprisoned, tortured, and even murdered by our own families in the name of honour.

But young Egyptians are rising up! In the past 6 years activist groups have formed and started standing up for our rights! Groups like Bedayaa (2010), Rainbow Egypt (2012), and Mesahat (2015) are paving the way to supporting LGBT+ Egyptians and letting us know that, against everything we are taught growing up in school, we are still human and we deserve to exist in dignity.

Each person volunteering in these groups has to keep their identities safe because for each case, for each workshop, for each Facebook post they are risking their lives.

 Bedayaa (means “A Beginning” in Arabic) and all profits will go to them to support the work they do in Egypt, ranging from campaigns to change public attitudes, to legal fees needed for lawyers representing imprisoned Egyptians whose only crime was to fall in love with someone who happened to be of the “wrong” gender.

Please help us raise money and awareness towards making Egypt a safer place for Queer folk!

As well as this benefit compilation A-Grrrlz and Dancing Queer are also putting on a fundraiser at GWDIHW in Cardiff on the 9th of April 4-11pm! There will be Belly Dance // Henna // Music // Hummus // Cakes // Face Painting AND MORE! ♥ 


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