Efa Supertramp’s new 80-page zine ‘Taking Up Space’ OUT NOW via Big Cartel

November 1, 2017

Efa Supertramp’s new 80-page zine ‘Taking Up Space’ OUT NOW via Big Cartel

Taking Up Space is Efa Supertramp’s second zine exploring ‘space’. The first issue Give Me Space served as an alternative guide to the European squat and DIY scene based around a 6-week tour the folk-punk singer did in 2015; along with interviews with bands she played with and suggestions of great digs for vegan munch. This one still has some of Efa’s tour diaries, but this issue was also open to contributors and Efa weaves her ideas about ‘space’ between some great poetry, art and articles by a great bunch of people.
The zine is 80 pages long, printed on recycled paper on a risograph by the anarchist collective Footprinters in Leeds. The zine was designed by Efa including the eye-catching bright pink and blue cover, which should certainly make its way onto any zine-collector or DIY punk’s book shelf! From the subject of the submissions, the zine was divided into five sections – CITY SPACE focuses largely on public space and gentrification; (Y)OUR SPACE about amazing women and non-binary peepz taking up space to be heard in this world; BORDERS OF SPACE about the man-made division of space which causes so much suffering; HEAD SPACE about mental health and OCCUPY SPACE about squatting and autonomous spaces.

Articles by Dog Section Press on The Rights to The City and subvertising, Nick Ronin on London’s Lock Down, Dream Nails Girls to the Front, Glittasphyxia’s diary of cycling 250 miles through the Welsh Countryside, Josef Dobraszczyk writes about life on the US/Mexican Border, Radio Rhydd singer Cai O’Marah’s visit to Palestine, LJ writes about Khora in Athens, Nicole Vosper’s great piece Patriarchy Makes Me Tired, ADM’s battle to keep their squat utopia continues, Fuck Kontrol by Steffan Cravos about spaces in Berlin and Johnny Campbell writes about British Bothies.

Poems & Creative Writing by Serena Boheimer, Olivia Rosane, Betti Baudelaire, Dangerous Dinky aka Dirty South, Rufus Mufasa, Awate, Jenn Hart, Anth Clarke, April Yvonne, Selina Nwulu, SC, Kat (Xckusivx Zine) and Ffion Wyn.

Art by Joe Fur Long (Minesweeper Collective), Helen Bur, Apu – Theo Collective, Efa B-M, Illustre Feccia, Dasa Raimanova, Jesse Vandi, Elen Mai Wyn-Jones, Genevieve Davis, Sam Worthington, Lilith Ai and Charlotte Formosa.

As well as album reviews of Cistem Failure and Chuck SJ Hay, a short piece on Dancing Queer & Bedayaa Egyptian LGBT group, extracts from Elen Mai Wyn-Jones (1982-2015)’s old zines, and interviews with Cistem Failure and Lilith Ai.

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