“…it’s nice to float into the early hours of a Sunday on the back of something that sounds like it would give the cast of Antiques Roadshow nightmares for the rest of eternity.”Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“…it is dance music that is pure punk in its attitude and sound. Raw, stripped down, no frills, immediate.”Peppermint Iguana


The notorious underground rave-punk band Killdren have released a six track EP of riotous dissent which they proclaim is the ideal soundtrack to the worst generation in history.

In their short lifespan Killdren have played a series of gigs at venues, dingy underground raves and festivals home and abroad. This debut release on Friday 19 January 2018 sees them consolidate their fresh and upbeat yet terse and angry sound with Overkill is Underrated – available through all online retailers and direct from the band via Bandcamp.

The six varied and politically-charged songs cover everything from zero-hours contracts to questionable solutions for world overpopulation. The band keeps their tongue firmly in cheek and proves that they have more to shout about beyond their initial calling card YouTube video Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You) that was made for last year’s General Election. The mild storm across social media whipped up by that particular video left Killdren poised to be a strong voice in the increasing politicisation of music after so many years of apolitical apathy.

The visceral and bad-taste cover art by Russell Taysom gleefully matches the technicolour mix of rave music and punk sensibilities. Their style is a nod to the existing back catalogue of the two band members Efa Supertramp and Ronin.

The former is a singer-songwriter who is part of the European DIY punk scene with her solo folk-punk act. The latter is a electronic music producer, live performer and free party veteran. Each brings their own energy and talents into the project and they choose to use their uniquely spiky and fun rave-punk fusion to project their political outlook and thirst for change.