The Anarchists in London 1935-1955 Book Launch and Alleyway Gig with Gab De La Vega and Efa Supertramp.

Freedom Press Presents: Albert Meltzer’s The London Anarchists 1935-1955 book launch and gig, featuring Gab De La Vega & Efa Supertramp

Join us in Angel Alley at Freedom Bookshop as we celebrate the publication of Albert Meltzer’s The Anarchists in London: 1935-1955. Meltzer was a contributor to Freedom and was a founding member of the Anarchist Black Cross.

“At the beginning of the 1930s British anarchism was barely clinging on as great movements happened elsewhere. By the mid-1960s however all that had changed. The movement was on the up, with hundreds of groups and dozens of publications to its name in a vibrant scene that would go on to make a major impact.
This is a story of the in-between years. Of solidarity with the Spanish anarchists as they fought Franco, clashes with Mosley’s fascist blackshirts, internment by the British State as it sought to crush internal dissent, of repression in a febrile post-war environment, and the bubbling pot as public sentiment turned against militarism and war.”

We will be keeping the bookshop open late, and socialising in the Angel Alley, there will be an amazing vegan collective dinner provided. We are lucky to have a couple of amazing anarchist musicians coming to play in the alleyway so come along, have dinner and a drink with us, grab yourself a copy of the book, and support the local and travelling artists!

We are suggesting a £3* donation on the evening to go toward the performers’ travel costs, and if you purchase a copy of the book on the night then we’ll take £3 off the cover price. Any further money raised will go toward the Freedom Building Repair Fund.
*No-one will be turned away for lack of funds, if you don’t have a few quid to put in don’t worry, come down and enjoy the music and a meal with us anyway!

meltzer gig new3.png



After years of playing punk and hardcore, Gab De La Vega started his solo project, putting The Smashrooms hardcore punk aside for a while and taking up an acoustic guitar. Minimal and direct melodies, where the punk three-chords theory meets vaguely folk veins. Stories of real lives, political practice, criticism and theories, some daily life glimpse and personal thoughts come along with the warm sound of the acoustic guitar, soundtrack of a journey, told with self-criticism and self-irony.



Efa Supertramp is a folk punk grrrl armed with just an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. With her passionate attitude for performing and DIY culture, she’s been making a name for herself in the underground punk and folk scene with her truthful attitude to life and politics. Originally from Wales, now based in London, Efa sings in both English and Welsh, her mother-tongue language. Her songs are angry but uplifting, she hates money, power, greed and inequality, but loves living life as free as she can.Drawing much of her inspiration from social justice issues, Efa has been regularly touring around the European continent since 2012, playing in squats, living rooms, protests, street corners, bars and festivals; supporting punk legends such as The Damned, Viv Albertine and TV Smith. Her debut album “Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd” (Freedom is the Dream) was released in 2015, through her label AFIACH.

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