Get Your Veg Out – Winter Warmer

Come along to Get Your Veg Out’s people’s kitchen on Wednesday November 21st at LARC in Whitechapel – we’ll be serving a big warming plate of food to keep your cockles warm as the winter closes in. The meal will be for a suggested donation of £3 which will go to Khora’s Legal Defence Team. The whole idea is that anyone can come and eat a hot meal and if you can’t afford £3 you can eat for free or donate what you can. Bring your own drinks, and if you want to help with cooking come from 5pm to help chop!

Please smoke in the smoking area, as some people don’t like eating in a smoke-filled environment, and it also makes the space less accessible for kids/pregnant people/people with asthma etc – thank you 😃

In the anarchist and left scene of cities like Amsterdam and Berlin, there are people’s kitchens every evening in different autonomous spaces across the cities. We really like the idea of having somewhere we can get together to eat, socialise and share ideas without the pressure of having to buy over-priced drinks or food in a commercial space. Our eventual plan is to host a Get Your Veg Out people’s kitchen monthly, but hopefully inspire other spaces/people to host one too (so that eventually we could have at least a weekly people’s kitchen in London, each one in a different space and organised by different people!). Hopefully if this happened, we could also use with the information of different people’s kitchens and stop relying on facebook as our main tool of promotion – then activists and anarchists from other cities could easily find out about our events and spaces too.

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