Killdren – ‘Dismembers of Parliament’

Infamous rave-punk band Killdren release a politically charged and scathing new album of songs recorded during the lockdown period.

The notorious Killdren, who in 2019 were taken off the bill of Glastonbury Festival amidst heated controversy surrounding their song Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You), return with a more crafted and mature third release entitled Dismembers of Parliament.

The eight songs feature blistering attacks on a wide range of contemporary themes – inequalities and food bank use, privatisation of the NHS, the Anthropocene era and what the band sees as the inherently corrupt nature of organised religion and police forces. Despite the serious undertones of each song the tongue remains firmly in cheek, with gallows humour running through much of the lyrics.

Dismembers of Parliament by Killdren

The gruesome album title refers to the fragmentation of parliamentary politics that is being silently spearheaded by Boris Johnson and his advisor Dominic Cummings. All of the songs were completed and recorded during the lockdown period in their home studio – with one song, No More Normal, written as a last-minute response to the UK’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis and how it can shape the future.

Aside from deriving lyrical inspiration from the legacy of punk music the ‘rave’ music productions take influence from drum and bass, breakcore, grime, dub, electro and old-skool hardcore. This broad musical and lyrical fusion results in a highly original sound that doesn’t have many close relatives – but Killdren have been compared to Atari Teenage Riot, The Prodigy and Moscow Death Brigade on the electronic side; Sonic Boom Six and Bikini Kill as other female-fronted bands and even the Beastie Boys and Chumbawamba from a theatrical standpoint.

The overarching sentiments of the songs – that flits between pro-active critique and nihilistic despair – are ably brought to life in the cover art by regular Killdren artwork artist Russell Taysom, who has also produced work for Idles and Craig Charles. Highly lurid and technicolour in its gruesomeness, the band deplore the fact that their surrealistic artwork ideas are never actually that far removed from reality.

Killdren began life in spring 2017 with a single bit of agit-prop, originally a t-shirt idea, that would two years later spiral out of control as the media pack set upon the band for a bad-taste comedy-horror music video that seemingly encouraged people to murder Tory politicians and supporters. The outcry in June 2019 saw them being culled from that year’s Glastonbury Festival and sparked a censorship debate in the UK and international press.

The band’s tongue-in-cheek and politically charged mix of rave music and punk sensibilities is a nod to the existing back catalogue of the two primary band members Efa Supertramp and Nick Ronin. The former is a singer-songwriter who is part of the European DIY punk scene with her solo folk-punk act. The latter is an electronic music producer, live performer and free party veteran. Each brings their own energy and talents into the project and they choose to use their uniquely spiky and fun rave-punk fusion to project their political outlook and thirst for change.

Dismembers of Parliament is available from Bandcamp on Friday 5 June and from all other major outlets from the 12 June.

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