Killdren release demo of ‘Blood Runs Blue’ as a gift for the #RoyalWedding

Listen to the demo version of forthcoming song Blood Runs Blue from Killdren!

A satirical swipe at top-drawer blaggers and parasitical squatters, the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family – more commonly known to loyal subjects as the House of Windsor. This song was created at the last minute as a wedding gift for the sponging pair of pricks who managed to squander vast sums of public money at a time when child poverty and homeless levels are rising.
Final finished version and music video coming soon – check out their website: KILLDREN.COM

Thanks to RoyalShit for images:


The original dirty squatters
Who snatched up all the land
Protected by an army
Forged under their command
These parasitical vermin
Continue to hog the news
A right royal distraction
A very convenient ruse
The monarchy still oversee
The Church of Eng-er-land
And sign off all our laws
The grip never left their hand
It’s falsely said we severed
The church from the state
How about we put
Queenie’s head on a plate

Cut them down in two See if their blood runs blue
Laffs aplenty when we run them through
To see if their blood runs blue
Cut them down in two
See if their blood runs blue
Oh lord, what a to-do
Squeeze the leeches and the blood runs blue

These lovable rogues
With their nationalist roots
PR mishaps and
Nazi salutes
They rampaged
All across the globe
Slipping Jewels and relics
Under their robes
Whilst sitting in gold-encrusted finery
They issue decree
Over gourmet food and winery
And have the cheek to say
We should live within our means
When half the government
Are cousins of the Queen

I’m talking Cameron, Osborne, Johnson, Hunt
All related to that Lizzie
Fast forward the Republic
‘Cos it’s time to get busy

Cut them down in two See if their blood runs blue
Laffs aplenty when we run them through
To see if their blood runs blue
Cut them down in two
See if their blood runs blue
Oh lord, what a to-do
Squeeze the leeches and the blood runs blue

Come on now people
Dig deep, dig deep
This lovely pair of specimens
Need a handout for a hand up
Yes, a few pounds ladies and gents
A few mere sheckles
Can buy them the household essentials of a yacht
Think of how hard life will be without that yacht
It’s our duty, as loyal subjects
To chip in for the upkeep of this tired, dated and incestuous tradition
They’re everyone’s favourite Establishment pin-ups
But think of a Britain without the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family
They’re as British as rain and binge drinking
But it does make one wonder…
If we cut them down in two…
Will their blood… run blue?!

Get with the programme
And squeeze these leeches
Televise Liz’s death
Instead of her speeches
Let’s rid ourselves
Of these parasites
Their last breath
As a tourist site
Stick the palaces on Air BnB
You pay for the week, but the first night’s free
Nobody likes a scrounger
We learnt that from the media
Evict them from our land
Now just an entry on Wikipedia

Stick their heads on pikes
And run them through with arrows
Drag them through the Mall
And hang them from the gallows
Stick their heads on pikes
And run them through with arrows
Drag them through the Mall
And hang them from the gallows

Cut them down in two See if their blood runs blue
Laffs aplenty when we run them through
To see if their blood runs blue
Cut them down in two
See if their blood runs blue
Oh lord, what a to-do
Squeeze the leeches and the blood runs blue

Rave-punk band Killdren release their debut EP ‘Overkill is Underrated’

“…it’s nice to float into the early hours of a Sunday on the back of something that sounds like it would give the cast of Antiques Roadshow nightmares for the rest of eternity.”Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

“…it is dance music that is pure punk in its attitude and sound. Raw, stripped down, no frills, immediate.”Peppermint Iguana


The notorious underground rave-punk band Killdren have released a six track EP of riotous dissent which they proclaim is the ideal soundtrack to the worst generation in history.

In their short lifespan Killdren have played a series of gigs at venues, dingy underground raves and festivals home and abroad. This debut release on Friday 19 January 2018 sees them consolidate their fresh and upbeat yet terse and angry sound with Overkill is Underrated – available through all online retailers and direct from the band via Bandcamp.

The six varied and politically-charged songs cover everything from zero-hours contracts to questionable solutions for world overpopulation. The band keeps their tongue firmly in cheek and proves that they have more to shout about beyond their initial calling card YouTube video Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You) that was made for last year’s General Election. The mild storm across social media whipped up by that particular video left Killdren poised to be a strong voice in the increasing politicisation of music after so many years of apolitical apathy.

The visceral and bad-taste cover art by Russell Taysom gleefully matches the technicolour mix of rave music and punk sensibilities. Their style is a nod to the existing back catalogue of the two band members Efa Supertramp and Ronin.

The former is a singer-songwriter who is part of the European DIY punk scene with her solo folk-punk act. The latter is a electronic music producer, live performer and free party veteran. Each brings their own energy and talents into the project and they choose to use their uniquely spiky and fun rave-punk fusion to project their political outlook and thirst for change.

Efa Supertramp’s new 80-page zine ‘Taking Up Space’ OUT NOW via Big Cartel

Efa Supertramp’s new 80-page zine ‘Taking Up Space’ OUT NOW via Big Cartel

Taking Up Space is Efa Supertramp’s second zine exploring ‘space’. The first issue Give Me Space served as an alternative guide to the European squat and DIY scene based around a 6-week tour the folk-punk singer did in 2015; along with interviews with bands she played with and suggestions of great digs for vegan munch. This one still has some of Efa’s tour diaries, but this issue was also open to contributors and Efa weaves her ideas about ‘space’ between some great poetry, art and articles by a great bunch of people.
The zine is 80 pages long, printed on recycled paper on a risograph by the anarchist collective Footprinters in Leeds. The zine was designed by Efa including the eye-catching bright pink and blue cover, which should certainly make its way onto any zine-collector or DIY punk’s book shelf! From the subject of the submissions, the zine was divided into five sections – CITY SPACE focuses largely on public space and gentrification; (Y)OUR SPACE about amazing women and non-binary peepz taking up space to be heard in this world; BORDERS OF SPACE about the man-made division of space which causes so much suffering; HEAD SPACE about mental health and OCCUPY SPACE about squatting and autonomous spaces.

Articles by Dog Section Press on The Rights to The City and subvertising, Nick Ronin on London’s Lock Down, Dream Nails Girls to the Front, Glittasphyxia’s diary of cycling 250 miles through the Welsh Countryside, Josef Dobraszczyk writes about life on the US/Mexican Border, Radio Rhydd singer Cai O’Marah’s visit to Palestine, LJ writes about Khora in Athens, Nicole Vosper’s great piece Patriarchy Makes Me Tired, ADM’s battle to keep their squat utopia continues, Fuck Kontrol by Steffan Cravos about spaces in Berlin and Johnny Campbell writes about British Bothies.

Poems & Creative Writing by Serena Boheimer, Olivia Rosane, Betti Baudelaire, Dangerous Dinky aka Dirty South, Rufus Mufasa, Awate, Jenn Hart, Anth Clarke, April Yvonne, Selina Nwulu, SC, Kat (Xckusivx Zine) and Ffion Wyn.

Art by Joe Fur Long (Minesweeper Collective), Helen Bur, Apu – Theo Collective, Efa B-M, Illustre Feccia, Dasa Raimanova, Jesse Vandi, Elen Mai Wyn-Jones, Genevieve Davis, Sam Worthington, Lilith Ai and Charlotte Formosa.

As well as album reviews of Cistem Failure and Chuck SJ Hay, a short piece on Dancing Queer & Bedayaa Egyptian LGBT group, extracts from Elen Mai Wyn-Jones (1982-2015)’s old zines, and interviews with Cistem Failure and Lilith Ai.

Random Artists HOME exhibition in London 28 Oct – 4 Nov

We were very pleased to help organise the opening evening for Random Artists exhibition ‘Home’ which is being held at ExFed, N4 1DN.
Some of our favourite acoustic artists Don Potter from Berlin, Giz Medium from Marsaille, Chuck SJ Hay, Perkie and Cosmo played, as well as Afiach regular Serena Boheimer (aka Glittasphyxia) and poet Jenn Hart, among some other great names.

If you are in London, make sure you check out the exhibition which is open for another 4 days – one not to be missed! A load of DIY art in a warehouse space which we have transformed into an immersive gallery, with entertainment every evening – oh yeah, did we mention it’s free?


Afiach & A-Grrrlz raised £165 for Movement for Justice

Thanks to all the performers who came and contributed their poems, writing and music – we raised £165 for the Shut Down Yarl’s Wood Campaign.

On a separate note, we would like to apologise for organising a gig without any women of colour on the line-up, when we were raising money for women of colour caged in Yarl’s Wood’s inhumane detention centre. We didn’t think about the repercussions of re-creating the saviour/victim narrative, and thanks to those who called us out and educated us.


Efa Supertramp’s next zine ‘TAKING UP SPACE’ looking for submissions.

TAKING UP SPACE – Zine Callout
DEADLINE – Wednesday 15th March 2017

This is a callout for submissions relating to the theme of ‘space’ or ‘taking up space’. The subject is flexible and could relate to autonomous spaces, gentrification, gender, bodies, identity, performance, squats, incarceration or mental health.

At the beginning of 2016 I released a zine called ‘Give Me Space’ that served as a kind of tour diary of my six weeks of gigs across Europe. The zine focused on the great autonomous, DIY and punk spaces I played at on my journey; and the important part they play in hosting activist and alternative scenes.

TAKING UP SPACE is the next step – a contributor-based zine that issues a strong refusal to back down to the commodification and repression of our spaces. The theme is open to interpretation, please e-mail your contributions, or ideas to:


Afiach & Dancing Queer call out for Queer Arabic musicians and poets!


احنا بندور على فنانين عرب مثليين نقدر نستخدم اغانيهم او شعرهم في البوم للبيع ببريطانيا بغرض جمع تبرعات لدعم مجموعات المثليه في مصر

Afiach and Dancing Queer are looking for Queer & Arabic artists to help us fill an album with their wonderful songs and poetry! We will be selling this album to raise money for Bedayaa – An Egyptian Activist Group supporting LGBT+ people in Egypt where we are legally imprisoned, tortured, and admitted in Mental Asylums.



My name is Shrouk El-Attar (aka Dancing Queer) and I’m an LGBT+ Rights activist and Refugee from Egypt.

Life is not easy for Queer people in Egypt, it’s often seen as the duty of the government, community, and our own families to punish us – simply for who we are, for who we love.

We are forced into marriages and bearing children, we are thrown into mental health hospitals and left there to rot, we are imprisoned, tortured, and even murdered by our own families in the name of honour.

But young Egyptians are rising up! In the past 6 years activist groups have formed and started standing up for our rights! Groups like Bedayaa (2010), Rainbow Egypt (2012), and Mesahat (2015) are paving the way to supporting LGBT+ Egyptians and letting us know that, against everything we are taught growing up in school, we are still human and we deserve to exist in dignity.

Each person volunteering in these groups has to keep their identities safe because for each case, for each workshop, for each Facebook post they are risking their lives.

 Bedayaa (means “A Beginning” in Arabic) and all profits will go to them to support the work they do in Egypt, ranging from campaigns to change public attitudes, to legal fees needed for lawyers representing imprisoned Egyptians whose only crime was to fall in love with someone who happened to be of the “wrong” gender.

Please help us raise money and awareness towards making Egypt a safer place for Queer folk!

As well as this benefit compilation A-Grrrlz and Dancing Queer are also putting on a fundraiser at GWDIHW in Cardiff on the 9th of April 4-11pm! There will be Belly Dance // Henna // Music // Hummus // Cakes // Face Painting AND MORE! ♥ 


£218 raised for Women’s Refugee Centre in Dunkirk at Afiach & A-grrrlz benefit gig!

Last Monday, Afiach and A-Grrrls came together to raise money for the amazing Refugee Women’s Centre in Dunkirk. We are pleased to say that the wonderful evening of entertainment, cake, screen-printed goodies and zines helped raise £218.42 for the group.

The centre in Grande-Synthe camp de la Linière is a safe space for the women of the camp to come with their children for support, relaxation and to create relationships with the other women in the camp as well as the volunteers. Many of them have been there for several months after traumatic departures from their countries and long and dangerous journeys across Europe.

Whether pregnant women, single mothers, young or old families, the 180 women of the camp suffer similar threats and pressures from the grey, desperate and male-dominated environment around them. In the Womens Centre we try to sooth the difficulties of daily life and provide an alternative to the seclusion of remaining in the shelters. We have a kitchen for the women to cook in, a free shop for the distribution of women’s and children’s hygiene products and a clothes and shoes distribution.

Thanks to Daisy Green Creative and Joe Roberts for these photographs!


Efa Supertramp (acoustic folk punk from Wales)

Glyttsphyxia performing “Hummusexual” – performance art from Cardiff (via Wellington, NZ and Oxfordshire!)


Eric Ngalle Charles, Cardiff-based poet, originally from Cameroon and having come to Wales via. Russia!


Dancing Queer: Egyptian belly-dancing with a queer twist, raising awareness of the persecution of LGBTQ+ people in their home country.


Anni Wall, a Welsh-language folk trio from Swansea

Rufus Mufasa, a spoken-word poet and hip hop educator from Pontypridd

Rufus, invited Efa Supertramp to play guitar and Eric Ngalle Charles to play his drum, whilst she rapped, seamlessly switching between Welsh & English

The incredibly talented Lilith Ai from London headlined the evening and mesmerized everyone with her beautiful and unique style of Riot Grrrl Blues.


Lilith Ai’s amazing DIY merchandise – zines, t-shirt, patches, badges – all made herself!