£218 raised for Women’s Refugee Centre in Dunkirk at Afiach & A-grrrlz benefit gig!

Last Monday, Afiach and A-Grrrls came together to raise money for the amazing Refugee Women’s Centre in Dunkirk. We are pleased to say that the wonderful evening of entertainment, cake, screen-printed goodies and zines helped raise £218.42 for the group.

The centre in Grande-Synthe camp de la Linière is a safe space for the women of the camp to come with their children for support, relaxation and to create relationships with the other women in the camp as well as the volunteers. Many of them have been there for several months after traumatic departures from their countries and long and dangerous journeys across Europe.

Whether pregnant women, single mothers, young or old families, the 180 women of the camp suffer similar threats and pressures from the grey, desperate and male-dominated environment around them. In the Womens Centre we try to sooth the difficulties of daily life and provide an alternative to the seclusion of remaining in the shelters. We have a kitchen for the women to cook in, a free shop for the distribution of women’s and children’s hygiene products and a clothes and shoes distribution.

Thanks to Daisy Green Creative and Joe Roberts for these photographs!


Efa Supertramp (acoustic folk punk from Wales)
Glyttsphyxia performing “Hummusexual” – performance art from Cardiff (via Wellington, NZ and Oxfordshire!)


Eric Ngalle Charles, Cardiff-based poet, originally from Cameroon and having come to Wales via. Russia!


Dancing Queer: Egyptian belly-dancing with a queer twist, raising awareness of the persecution of LGBTQ+ people in their home country.


Anni Wall, a Welsh-language folk trio from Swansea
Rufus Mufasa, a spoken-word poet and hip hop educator from Pontypridd
Rufus, invited Efa Supertramp to play guitar and Eric Ngalle Charles to play his drum, whilst she rapped, seamlessly switching between Welsh & English
The incredibly talented Lilith Ai from London headlined the evening and mesmerized everyone with her beautiful and unique style of Riot Grrrl Blues.


Lilith Ai’s amazing DIY merchandise – zines, t-shirt, patches, badges – all made herself!

Afiach & A-Grrrlz fundraiser for Refugee Women’s Centre in Dunkirk on Monday 17th October

A-Grrrlz and Afiach are coming together again, to bring you another evening of amazing acts from Cardiff and beyond. This time we are raising money for the Refugee Women’s Centre in Dunkirk (more about the project at the bottom)

This time we are back at Little Man Coffee Co, with a suggested donation of £5 or more, for entry! We need to pay venue hire, travel costs and printing costs before any money is made for the Refugee Women’s Centre – to help us raise more, we will have cakes, snacks, zines and other bits and bobs for you to purchase, so bring your pocket money with you!

♫ LILITH AI (Riot Grrrl Blues, London)

London singer-songwriter Lilith Ai, performs poignant tales of modern city life and is at the forefront of the riot grrrl revival happening in the music scene right now. Her songs show urban life through a clear lens, that does not hesitate to reveal her dark life experience. She is a multidimensional talent, as well as being a musician she is a club promoter and visual artist who makes zines.

♫ RUFUS MUFASA (Hip Hop, Pontypridd)

Seamlessly switching from Welsh and English, Rufus Mufasa has a powerful voice you cannot forget. She is a rapper and singer-songwriter who cites diverse influences from soul to jungle D’n’B, and is part of South Wales’ hip hop crew Dope Biscuits.

♫ ANNI WALL (Welsh Folk, Swansea)

Acoustic folk trio from Swansea with melodic harp and piano accordion, singing in both Welsh and English.


★ ERIC NGALLE CHARLES (Spoken Word, Cameroon/Russia/Wales)

Eric Ngalle Charles is a story-teller and poet, with many tales to tell. He left his homeland Cameroon in fear of his life. He ran with crime gangs in a lawless underclass in Russia, before coming to Wales, which he describes at the country of his rebirth. He has written a book called “Asylum” about what it means to be a refugee, but for this event he will be performing some poems for us.


♫ COSMO (Anarcho-folk-punk-hiphop, Cardiff/London)

Cosmo is a one-man anarcho-folk-punk-hiphop phenomenon! His energetic shows fuse sharp comedy with ruthless social satire and high octane passion. He has been involved in many migrant solidarity groups, including being a co-founder of Music Without Borders in Cardiff.


♫ EFA SUPERTRAMP (Folk Punk, Cymru)

Bilingual folk-punk singer songwriter, has been touring all over Europe over the past few years playing in protests, squats, street corners, living rooms, bars and festivals. Her songs are angry but uplifting and full of energy!

★ GLITTASPHYXIA (Performance Art, UK)


The Refugee Women’s Centre in Grande-Synthe camp de la Linière is a safe space for the women of the camp to come with their children for support, relaxation and to create relationships with the other women in the camp as well as the volunteers. Many of them have been there for several months after traumatic departures from their countries and long and dangerous journeys across Europe.
Whether pregnant women, single mothers, young or old families, the 180 women of the camp suffer similar threats and pressures from the grey, desperate and male-dominated environment around them. In the Womens Centre we try to sooth the difficulties of daily life and provide an alternative to the seclusion of remaining in the shelters. We have a kitchen for the women to cook in, a free shop for the distribution of women’s and children’s hygiene products and a clothes and shoes distribution.
We rely entirely on material and financial donations to ensure the continued running of the centre and support of the women and their families. The money we raise goes towards clothes, shoes and hygiene products, and communal resources for art, sewing, cooking and ‘pamper days’.

Successful benefit at Gwdihw, with over £275 raised for Stop Cardiff Arms Fair.

13735669_1736041209941186_7282273990631089236_o13731927_1736040479941259_6329193628116621668_o13717386_1736041319941175_4774429867289952655_o13698240_1736040503274590_2781875354666132058_o12322933_1736039499941357_2126747605067265235_oAt the gig on Tuesday, we raised £275.06 for Stop The Cardiff Arms Fair. 4 activists were prosecuted for their actions during the protests, 2 are now appealing to the courts – this money goes to support these 4 people to pay off their fines, and possibly print flyers for a protest during the appeal.

Thank you to all the artists who came and performed – it was a great evening of music and wayyyy too much fun was had for a Tuesday!! Thanks also to those who bought cakes, screen printed t-shirts and anything else from the Afiach & A-Grrrlz stall, this all went towards the funds!

Afiach & A-Grrrlz present a benefit for Stop Cardiff Arms Fair


Afiach and A-Grrrls are proud to bring you another great evening of entertainment, on a summer Tuesday evening! This event will be raising money for those who were arrested during the Stop Cardiff Arms Fair Protest in March 2016. If they are not charged, we will announce what group the proceeds will be going to.
Messy riot grrrl DIY punk band from Cheltenham, telling it how it is and destroying patriarchy and gender roles since 2014! Do not miss these – they kick ass!
Hardcore Troubadour straight out of New Zealand preserving the traditions of country/folk story-telling all wrapped up in a punk rock attitude.
Bellydancing with a political twist, this tattooed, hairy, genderqueer refugee from Egypt dances to raise awareness of the persecution of their LGBTQ+ siblings across the world. IT’S ALSO THEIR BIRTHDAY ON THIS DATE SO GET DANCING!!!
Cardiff’s best new feminist punk band, they are offensive and don’t give a shit.
Absoloutley incredible 12-String driven, harmonica-blowing, Country/Blues wailing Anti-Folk from Leeds. His new album is wicked – check it out!

Also DJ HELENA HANDCART playing some wicked Queer Disco tunes in between and after the bands!

ENTRY PRICE is a sliding scale of £3-5 (suggested unwaged/waged). We will also have cakes and stuff to help raise money for the cause……
No dick heads please, respect each other and then we can all have fun.
Gwidhw is wheelchair accessible, staff can open the back gate to let wheelchair users in, as their is a step through the front door.

Activists hack bus stop advertising spaces, to protest Cardiff Arms Fair

Commuters in Cardiff were surprised to find adverts for an arms fair on bus stops across the city on Wednesday morning. Activists put up alternative posters across the capital to protest against the controversial DPRTE arms fair, which took place in Cardiff on Wednesday 16 March. The posters were spotted around the city centre and the Motorpoint Arena, which hosts the arms fair.


Earlier in the week, Cardiff-based street artist Colour Doomed had revealed his most recent piece “Hold Those Accountable” which also criticised the DPRTE arms fair. In the mural, the suit-wearing arms dealer is seen being held up by a larger character, on the arms dealer’s bag ‘BAE’ is written, and loads of cash falling out of his pockets. BAE systems, are one of the exhibitors at the DPRTE arms fair, they are the world’s 3rd largest arms producer and  have a very special relationship with the UK government & Saudi dictatorship.


Stop The Cardifff Arms Fair organised a resistance to the DPRTE arms fair, and on Wednesday 16th March around 150 people turned up at 8:30am to show the arms dealers they were not welcome in Cardiff.

An update from Stop Cardiff Arms Fair’s facebook stated;

“Yesterday 6 people were arrested in total, including the 2 people who occupied the roof. South Wales Police once again showed their violent behavior, and it is incredibly shameful that our tax money is used to protect those murderers inside the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff.

To the venue, you should know we will continue building this movement throughout the year in Cardiff, and if you choose to host DPRTE again, we will be back bigger and better. The campaign this year has grown, many different individuals and groups turned up. You were chased out of Bristol, and you will be chased out of Cardiff too. That is a promise.Thanks to Campaign Against Arms Trade and Stop The Arms Fair for their support, this movement is growing. Wherever you go after Cardiff, we will be there too.

Thanks to everyone that turned up for the demo. It was great to stand in solidarity, shouting at the arms dealers and hopefully at least making them feel a bit embarrassed as they went in. Some of them hung their heads in shame, others assured us of how comfortable they slept at night in their lovely beds, bought through blood money. They are complicit in murder, and play a part in the arms trade, they need to face up to this!

The campaign was very creative this year, it was great to see costumes, live music, free food from Food Not Bombs Cardiff, rooftop occupation, interactive protests on the pavement, mural by Colour Doomed, bus stop subversions and everything else! Nice one everyone, let’s continue to build this movement against the suit-wearing arms dealers and the arms trade. These are the people who profit from war, whilst creating refugees and killing civilians.”

Efa Supertramp: New Tour Zine released & Baltic 2016 Winter Dates

Efa Supertramp has released a new zine called ‘Give Me Space’. The zine is a document of her 2015 European Tour, which took her to 8 countries, to play 33 gigs in 6 weeks and travelling over 4,383 Miles. As well as Efa’s tour adventures, the zine also focuses on autonomous and free community spaces, as well as offering a vegan food guide to the cities she visited. There are also interviews with acts and groups Efa comes across on the trip. The zine is printed on recycled paper by Footprints Co-op, with a risograph and the cover is printed using the awesome pink and blue inks; it is available to buy from her bigcartel page here for just £2.

As this tour zine is finally released, 5 months after that tour finished, Efa heads off on her next tour on the continent, this time to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.


Afiach Release Two Benefit Compilations, to coincide with Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair

In January we sent out a call-out for songs for two benefit compilations, we welcomed all genres of music and the response was so great, with artists happy to donate their music to help social justice groups. A total of 80 songs were submitted for the compilations.

The two compilations ‘If It Was Easy They Wouldn’t Call It A Struggle’ and ‘Prosecute The Arms Dealers’, are both officialy released on the 20th of February 2016, to coincide with this years’ Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair.

Having previously supported the groups Stop The G8 in 2013 and Stop NATO in 2014, Afiach continue to see music as a means to help political movements – with these kinds of compilations we can raise some funds, as well as use music to start a conversation and raise awareness of campaigns. It’s always so exciting to get submissions of truly radical music from different genres, and put them all together in one place – I feel really inspired having put these recent compilations together. Hopefully these creative expressions of frustration with the system we are living in, will also inspire you to take an interest, get active and take action.

One of the compilations will be raising money for Stop The Cardiff Arms Fair, and the other for Cardiff Defendant Solidarity. Both these causes are very worthy and currently relevant. In the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, DPRTE will be hosting their arms fair – they moved to Cardiff after leaving Bristol following massive protests. We hope the same will happen in Cardiff, so get involved in resisting the arms fair on March 16th 2016. Cardiff Defendant Solidarity helps and supports people going through the legal system, who need funds. Often for those facing charges, their expenses and fines add up quickly and adds more pressure and worry.

With 80 songs submitted, it wasn’t possible to fit them all on the 2 CD releases; therefore the full albums are available digitally on our bandcamp page. If you buy a CD there, you automatically get a download of 37 songs for ‘If It Was Easy They Wouldn’t Call It A Struggle’, and 43 for ‘Prosecute The Arms Dealers’. As we know most people buy/listen to music digitally these days, we hope everyone interested in the compilation will check out all the songs, as all the artists are worth checking out.

The ‘Prosecute The Arms Dealers’ CD features 21 songs around the subject of war, arms trade and unjust governments. ‘If It was Easy, They Wouldn’t Call It A Struggle’ features 22 songs about prison, laws and (in)justice system. It was a shame we had to cut down the playlist for the CD’s, but generally songs were chosen for their relevance to the theme of the albums, and previous contributions to Afiach in terms of gigs and other compilations. Thanks to all the artists who submitted their music – super awesome stuff!

Donate or purchase online, share on your social media sites and come to the Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair or any other ‘Afiach’ stalls to pick up a CD.
100% of proceeds go straight to these groups.

The Track-Listing ……..

Afiach # 7 – If It Was Easy, They Wouldn’t Call It A Struggle
(Cardiff Defendant Solidarity Benefit)
4pp CD  Booklet.ai

1. Prison Abolition – Conscious Youth
2. Snow is Freedom – Tracey Curtis
3. Dangerous – WOWZA
4. Turbid Milieu – Grand Collapse
5. Tear Apart The Walls – Cistem Failure
6. Disgrace – Petrol Girls
7. I Wish There Was No Prisons – Cosmo
8. The Otherside – Will Tun & The Wasters
9. By Morning – Evan Greer
10. The Hunt – Failed State
11. Burn It Down – Jugganote
12. Jack Shit – Efa Supertramp
13. Until All Are Free – Rover
14. Fine Lines – Rufus Mufasa
15. A State of Affairs – Ap Cooper
16. Your Laws – Kilnaboy
17. Tân yn dy ‘Sgyfaint – Radio Rhydd
18. Squat Rave – SubFire
19. Don’t Worry – Jamey P
20. The Process – Brian Curran
21. Experiment – Joe Dirt
22. Watch Your Back – Primeval Soup

Full Digital Album also features:
23. P.R.S (Live) – Public Order Act
24. The World Is Ours – Gab De La Vega
25. Reveal The Sharks – We Are Animals
26. Fe Gerddaf Gyda Thi (remix) – Roughion
27. Different – Bibi
28. Too Blind To See It – Smiler
29. Yrth Quackin’ – Zhubat
30. Fuck Off – Spam Javelin
31. Gemini Whatever Happened To You – Jacob Nico
32. Think What You Like – Ferny Mac
33. Jiffy Hoof Out – Mwstard
34. One World Riot – Primeval Soup
35. Apocalypse Dub – Preppa
36. CCTV – Deadbeat
37. Coming Home – Pog


Afiach # 8 – Prosecute The Arms Fair
(Stop Cardiff Arms Fair Benefit)

4pp CD  Booklet.ai

1. System – Petrol Girls
2. Vampire – Black Star Dub Collective
3. Heddwch VIP – Roughion
4. Enter The International Court of Justice – Atterkop
5. Ladybug Ladybug – Conformist
6. Three Little Piggies – SubFire
7. Y Byd ar Dân – X4C
8. Missiles On The Roof – Holiday
9. Refusenicks – Kilnaboy
10. Help Define Heroes – Emissaries of Syn
11. Politricks – Spred The Dub
12. Survivor’s Parade – Pog
13. History’s Lies – Viva Zapata
14. Their Eyes (feat. Taina Asili) – Evan Greer
15. Pollution Evolution – Bratakus
16. For My Brothers – Jugganote
17. All The Girls Love a Soldier – Tracey Curtis
18. Not Wrinkles, Not Bombs – Mwstard
19. Billy Was My Buddy – Garden Folk
20. Hook, Line and Sinker – Johnny Campbell
21. They’ll Speak of us for Years – Zebedy

Full Digital Album also features:
22. F.E.A.R (feat. Efa Supertramp & Secret Weapons) – Clusterfuck
23. Byd ‘di Blino – Radio Rhydd
24. These Streets Are Ours – Cosmo
25. Nation Violation – Failed State
26. Like Waves – Gab De La Vega
27. Zero Degrees – Ferny Mac
28. It’s Not The End of The World Yet – Days & Ages
29. Black Skies – Worthy Victims
30. Be The Best – The Manifest
31. Vote Your Friends In – Smiler
32. History – Noah
33. All My Friends Are Freedom Fighters – Efa Supertramp
34. Steadiness Is Lying – Jacob Nico
35. Let’s Blow Up The World – Alaric Newnham
36. Y Stryd – Terfysg
37. War Puppet – Sods Law
38. Racists – 51st State
39. Weasels
 – Internationalcuntcircus
40. F.N.W.O – Rufus Pearce
41. Jen Dalsi Pisen Proti Valce – Hledani
42. Pork Beli – Zhubat
43. Zombie Dub – Zombie Dub


Call out for songs for benefit compilations – Deadline January 31st



DIY record label AFIACH is calling out for artists of all genres to submit songs for two benefit compilations both to be released digitally and on CD on February 20th.

The compilations will be raising money for ‘Stop The Cardiff Arms Fair’ and ‘Cardiff Defendant Solidarity’. We are calling out for songs loosely based around the subjects of Arms Trade/War/Unjust governments, and around the (in)justice system/prison/law. Instrumental songs are also welcome for both compilations, and all languages are welcome.

Stop The Cardiff Arms Fair, is a group organising a resistance to the arms fair which will be held in Cardiff on March 16th 2016 at the Motorpoint Arena. Cardiff Defendant Solidarity supports people through the legal system, and at the moment many people have court fees which need to be covered.
We are calling out to musicians, from Wales, the UK and beyond to support these two groups by submitting songs. This is just one small attempt to use music as a way of supporting social justice movements in our city, and previous benefit compilations for Stop G8 South Wales & Stop NATO were both very successful!

Please send .WAV tracks to recordiauafiach@gmail.com by January 31st.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Report of Afiach & A-Grrrls Gig 23rd October 2015

After 6 weeks touring, playing 33 shows in 8 countries, I (Efa Supertramp) was pretty tired when I returned to the UK homeless, and with no plan as to what to do next. I actually booked this show whilst on tour. Evan and I played together in June, at Kebele in Bristol and LARC in London; and earlier in the year I also put POG on in our graffiti yard at The Wells Hotel. I knew I wanted to see both of them play again, and so there was no question – we would find a way to put on a show!! With some pretty last minute flyering all around Cardiff and some help with postering on all the legal spaces around the city, as well as plenty of online promotions, we crossed our fingers and hoped someone would turn up, to at least cover costs and hopefully raise some money for a good cause!
Afiach teamed up with A-Grrrls to put on the evening, with a mostly female and/or queer line-up it seemed to make sense, and we decided we wanted to support the current refugee struggle in someway. After researching a few different groups, we decided the evening would be in aid of ‘Movement For Justice’. They are a group who are involved in many campaigns, including the campaign to Shut Down Yarl’s Wood detention centre, which detains women and has a terrible reputation for abuse. Even the Chief Inspectors of Prisons has labelled Yarl’s Wood, as ‘a place of national concern’.

Another reason we chose to support Movement for Justice, is that they are inclusive and give asylum seekers free travel to their protests, and we wanted to help promote the demonstration on the 7th of November where they are going to surround Yarl’s Wood.

As the venue is licensed in the evenings, kids were only allowed until 9pm. Quite a few people turned up with kids, and we decided to change the line-up a bit so they could see as many of the acts as possible. Our headliner, Evan Greer who is a radical parent herself started off the evening with a short set, this included her “only children’s song” which has amazing lyrics:
“The only thing people wanna know about you,
is what’s inside your diaper,
should they buy you pink or blue.
Well all I care about is if it’s pee or if it’s poo,
coz you’re my little baby 
and I love you through and through.
You can be a boy, and a girl,
and a lion, and a squirrel,
and a diamond, and a pearl in the sea,
or a big fat rock or an astronaut, 
but you just can’t be a cop!”

The audience were captivated from the beginning, and it stayed like this all evening. It was so inspiring to have a room full of people, listening intensely to all the artists who had great things to say and wonderful tunes. After playing shows across the continent where more often than not the audience is silent; I often felt sad thinking about acoustic gigs in the UK where people just get wasted and not pay attention the artists who are pouring their hearts out in a very raw and honest way. I think the success of our evening was down to a few things really – having a really interesting, talented and diverse line-up, with an audience genuinely interested in what the evening was about, and the different artists represented. As well as this, the gig was in a coffee shop, and despite selling beer and wine; the environment was certainly not one that encouraged people to binge drink (though, admittedly I was probably the most drunk person there, because I had been so stressed earlier in the day….!!!)


I went on second, this was my ‘homecoming’ show after my crazy European tour, and WOW, it was such an awesome gig. Playing unplugged to an audience which is hanging on to your every word, singing along and clapping along – it felt really special and inspiring… I was pleased to be home, and welcomed back in such a great way.


Eirlys Rhiannon compared the evening, and really tied everything together – informing the audience of the group we were raising money for, plugging the new A-Grrrls and Ffwff zine which we were launching at the gig and introducing the artists who were playing. The line-up was so diverse with performers from Wales, England, Egypt, USA and Algeria on the bill; people of many genders and backgrounds.


Next on was Dancing Queer, a tattooed, pierced, hairy, genderqueer, refugee belly dancer from Egypt. They dance to raise awareness of their LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters around the world, persecuted just for being who they are. Everyone was mesmerised by their beautifulness and amazing dancing and outfit!


POG took the stage (which was not a stage) next, they are an anarchist folk collective from Brighton. They play beautiful folk songs, and tonight’s line-up was a six piece which included Evan Greer on drums, as well as a keyboard, obbo, violin and guitar/vocals. They brought a bit more party energy to the gig, and sang about everything from car boot sales, to class war; a song which encourages white-middle class punks to open their eyes to their privilege “we will never admit, we were born on the top of the pile….”


An unadvertised performer from Algeria went on next, playing some great rhythms on his jambe drum. Dancing Queer joined in with a dance, and it was a great addition to the evening.


Next up was Tracey Curtis, who’s voice sounds effortless and beautiful. These songs are powerful social justice songs, but are sung in a very sweet way. She sings a tribute to the NHS; about all coppers being bastards; and a beautiful anti-prison song called ‘Snow is Freedom’. Her set left me in awe, with so many feelings and thought running through my head. It was a roller coaster of emotion from anger, to hope, to disappointment and gratitude.


Finally to finish off, Evan Greer performed again, with the help of POG as a backing band on some songs. Evan’s set list is full of catchy, amazing songs and I’m always left in awe of her when I see her perform. She has so much passion, energy, and amazing lyrics delivered in a kind of pop-folk-punk way, the songs were running through my head for days! The performance got everyone up on their feet and dancing, a beautiful audience full of energy and inspired by the great evening of music. 

Evan was on tour around the UK with POG, you can read their tour diary here.


Afiach and A-Grrrls hope to work together again to bring some more awesome music to Wales, with a great positive message, to inspire hope for our community in these dark times. We were so glad that we raised an amazing £244.56 for Movement for Justice, thank you to everyone who donated! Music has the power to bring us together, put new ideas in our heads and share stories of struggle from different parts of the country/world together – thanks for your support!

Afiach & A-Grrrlz – Movement for Justice benefit gig, featuring Evan Greer from the USA!


Mae’r gig yma yn codi arian i ‘Movement For Justice’ – grwp sydd yn ymgyrchu dros gau ‘Yarl’s Wood Women Dentention Centre’. Mwy o wybodaeth isod o dan y gwybodaeth am y perfformwyr!

MYNEDIAD £5 (rhodd awgrymiedig) – caiff neb eu hatal rhag mynychu gan bod dffyg arian, oherwydd mae’r digwyddiad am fwy na codi arian – mae am godi ymwybyddiaeth am y materion hyn, dod a pobl at ei gilydd i drefnu dros chwyldroi’r sefyllfa ac wrth gwrs, mwynhau cerddoriaeth a dawns radicalaidd a chwyldroadol!


Mae Evan Greer yn berfformwraig radicalaidd genderqueer, based o Boston, MA. Ysgrifenna a perfformia Evan caeuon acwstig gyda digonedd o egni er mwyn ysbrydoli gobaith, adeiladu cymuned a gwthio dros cwffio nol. Gyda llwyth o ganeuon ffyrnig radicalaidd sydd yn amrywio yn eu harddull o farddoniaeth pop-pynk i ganeuon bluegrass gellid cyd-ganu gyda.

Mae Evan wedi rhannu llwyfan gyda artisiaid fel Pete Seeger, Immortal Technique, Tom Morello o Rage Against the Machine, Boots Riley o The Coup, Billy Bragg, Pamela Means, Mr. Lif, State Radio, Holly Near, The Mammals, a Chumbawamba.

Ar hyn o bryd mae’n director dros ymgyrchoedd ar gyfer ‘Fight for the Future’, nid yw am elw a mae yn ymwneud a hawliau digidol, ysgryfenna yn aml i’r Guardian a’r Huffington Post.


Mae Shroukie El-Attar yn ffoadur cwiar o’r Aifft, sydd yn dawnsio i godi ymwybyddiaeth o eu siblingiaiad LGBT+ sydd yn cael eu gorthrymu ar draws y byd.

What’s that? Belly dancers should have long hair and shave their legs and underarms? Well, not this one! Originally from the capital of Belly Dancing, Egypt, the hairy, bearded, pierced and tattooed queer dancer will give you a very oriental performance with a twist.

Yn gynt yn rhan o fand pop-pync Shelley’s Children a ganodd rhai o’r geiriau mwyaf sharp a wedi eu lapio yn y pop mwyaf pefriog yr 80’au hwyr, cafodd gyrfa solo Tracey ei lawnsio bron ar ddamwain pan cafodd ei hanog gan ei phlant i ysgrifennu can brotest yn erbyn by-pass a buasai wedi sbwylio eu man chwarae wrth yr afon Ers 2004 mae wedi parhau i ysgifennu caneuon protest prydfwerth gwerin-bop.

POG (Brighton, LLOEGER)

Band 7 person gwerin-bynt yw Pog is gyda thema cyson o’r “bob dydd”. Am y gig yma byddynt yn 5 person gyda clarinet, gitar, fiolin, bass ac allweddell.


Newydd ddod nol o tour Ewropeaidd am chwe wythnos, hon fydd sioe cynta Efa nol yng nghaerdydd. Cafodd ei halbum cyntaf “Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd” ei ryddhau ganddi eu hunain trwy ei label recordio DIY, Afiach. Mae Efa yn chwarae math ei hunain o gwerin-bync a wedi gwario’r blynyddoedd diwethaf yn perfformio ar draws Ewrop a gwledydd Prydain. O Aberdeen i Sofia, via Belgrade & Berlin; mae’n perfformio mewn protestiaudau, squats, y strydoedd, ystafelloedd fyw, bars a gwyliau.
Mae’n canu yn y Saesneg a’r Gymraeg, ei mamiaith a wedi chwarae gyda enwogion pync fel The Damned, TV Smith (The Adverts), Viv Albertine (The Slits) ac Attila The Stockbroker, yn ogystal a chwarae mewn gwyliau fel Rebellion & Boomtown.

Mae sawl grwp ar hyn o bryd yn gweithio i helpu ffoaduriaid, rydym ni wedi penderfynnu cefnogi MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE, gan eu bod yn grwp ar lawr gwlad, yn cwffio dros gyfiawnder i bawb. Ar hyn o bryd y maent yn ymgyrchu i CAU YARLS WOODD – carchar i fenywod. Mae protest ar Dachwedd y 7fed. Cefnogwch os gwelwch yn dda: https://www.facebook.com/events/755942137885113/

#CauYarlswood #Rhyddid #DIMcarcharu #croesoiffoaduriaid

MWY O WYBODAETH AM MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE: https://www.facebook.com/movementforjustice


This gig will be raising money
for ‘Movement For Justice’ – a group currently camapaigning for the closure of Yarl’s Wood Women Dentention Centre. More info below the band info!

ENTRY IS £5 (suggested donation) – but no one will be turned away for lack of funds, because the event is not only about raising money – more importantly it’s about raising awareness of these issues, bringing people together to organise resistance and of course, enjoy the radical revolutionary music & dance!


Evan Greer is a radical genderqueer singer/songwriter, based in Boston, MA. Evan writes and performs high-energy acoustic songs that inspire hope, build community, and incite resistance. Wielding an arsenal of fiercely radical acoustic songs that vary in style from pop-punk poetry to foot-stompin’ bluegrass singalongs,

Evan has shared stages with artists as musically diverse as Pete Seeger, Immortal Technique, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Boots Riley of The Coup, Billy Bragg, Pamela Means, Mr. Lif, State Radio, Holly Near, The Mammals, and Chumbawamba.

She’s currently the campaign director for Fight for the Future, the viral digital rights nonprofit, and writes regularly for The Guardian and Huffington Post.


Shroukie El-Attar is a queer refugee from Egypt, who dances to raise awareness of their LGBT+ siblings persecuted around the world just for being who they are.

What’s that? Belly dancers should have long hair and shave their legs and underarms? Well, not this one! Originally from the capital of Belly Dancing, Egypt, the hairy, bearded, pierced and tattooed queer dancer will give you a very oriental performance with a twist.


Having previously been a part of pop punk band Shelley’s Children who delivered some of the most biting lyrics of the late 80’s, wrapped up in hook laden glittering perfect pop, Tracey’s solo career was launched almost by accident when she was encouraged by her children to write a protest song against a planned by-pass that would ruin their local riverside dens and rope swings. Since 2004, she has continued to write beautiful folk-pop protest songs.

POG (Brighton, ENGLAND)

Pog is, at it’s most legion, a 7 piece folk/punk band with a penchant for the bleakly everyday. For this gig they’ll be playing as a 5 piece with clarinet, guitar, violin, bass and keyboard.


Having just returned from a 6 week European Tour, this will be Efa Supertramp’s first show back in Cardiff. Her debut album “Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd” was self-released through her DIY label Afiach. Efa plays her own style of punky folk music, and has spent the past few years touring all over the UK & Europe. From Aberdeen to Sofia, via Belgrade & Berlin; she plays in protests, squats, street corners, living rooms, bars and festivals.
She sings in both English and her mother-tongue Welsh, and has gained support slots with punk legends such as The Damned, TV Smith (The Adverts), Viv Albertine (The Slits) and Attila The Stockbroker, as well as playing festivals such as Rebellion & Boomtown.

There are many groups currently working to help refugees, we have decided to support MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE, as they are a grassroots group, fighting for justice for all. They are currently campaigning to SHUT DOWN YARLSWOOD – a detention centre which detains women. They have a demonstration on November 7th, please attend/support if you can: https://www.facebook.com/events/755942137885113/

#ShutDownYarlswood #SetHerFree #ENDdetention #refugeeswelcome

MORE INFO ABOUT MOVEMENT FOR JUSTICE: https://www.facebook.com/movementforjustice