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Roedd Fuck Off Facebook yn zine dwyieithog oedd yn edrych ar gerddoriaeth, anarchiaeth a celf – roedd 7 rhifyn.

Fuck Off Facebook was a bilingual zine which looked at music, anarchy and art – there were 7 issues.

 Fuck Off Facebook # 1

Mawrth/March 2011

Erthyglau / Articles
– Rant on student fees
– Dau gerdd ecsclwsif gan David R Edwards
– Boot the bastard BNP
– “Going Nowhere”
– Adolygiad o ‘Gadael yr ugeinfed ganrif’
– 2 new poems by Martyn Hudson
– Reviews of Cerebral Balzy, John B, Reel Big Fish & John Cooper Clarke
– Fuck off Tesco !
– Erthygl ar Freeganism
– Senglau Cymraeg

Pris – Cyfraniad /// Price – Donation


Fuck Off Facebook #2

Mai / May 2011

Erthyglau / Articles
– rant on Wetherspoons
– A tribute to Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex)
– Erthygl ecsclwsif gan David R Edwards (Datblygu)
– Reviews of Dizraeli & Beans on Toast
-Exclusive interview with The King Blues
– Global AntiFa / Nick Griffin in Cardiff
– Collage in tribute to the royal family
-Barnardon’t : Barnardo’s complicit in new child prison
– Local cider reviews
– Senglau Cymraeg
– Food waste article

Pris – Cyfraniad /// Price – Donation


Fuck Off Facebook # 3

Hydref / October 2011

Erthyglau / Articles
– Travelling Europe on the cheap
– 10 alternative must see’s in Europe
– Punk Rock Holiday Festival (Slovenia) interview & article
– Interviews with Punk Rock Holiday bands : Real Life Version, Kreshesh Nepitash,
Overflow, Red Five Point Star & In-Sane.
– Nowhere Festival (Spain)
– Coca Cola KILLS.
– Pogo Never Ends Festival (Slovenia) interview & article
– Interview with Pogo Never Ends bands : Abergaz, Esclusi & G.U.B.
– Local cider reviews
– Outlook Fe$tival (Croatia)
– Drum House Ffest (Blaenau Ffestiniog)

Pris – Cyfraniad /// Price – Donation


Fuck Off Facebook # 4

Chwefror / February 2012

Erthyglau / Articles

– charity shop challenge
– Cyfweliad efo David R. Edwards (Datblygu)
– November 30th national strike: an account of Cardiff’s autonomous block.
– Rhyddhewch Bradley Manning
– The Red & Black Umbrella: Cardiff’s new anarchist social centre
– “Lost in the System” by Shaun Lloyd (IPP prisoner)
– Abolish IPP sentence
– WORK! BUY! DIE! (Rants from Lisboa, Portugal)
– Support Anti Fascists in Prison
– “Promises and Lies” by Ravi Gill (AntiFa prisoner)
– Dirty Revolution review.

Pris – Cyfraniad /// Price – Donation


Fuck Off Facebook #5

Mehefin / June 2012

Erthyglau / Articles
– 2012: what the fuck is going on? (rant on jubilee/olympics)
– a number of collages in tribute to sex mad royal family (explicit!)
– R.I.P Cob Records: tribute to independent record stores
– Reviews of Dizraeli, The Usual Suspects, Patrick Fitzgerald & Wordly Savages.
– Don’t Criminalise the Homeless (Change of law in squatting)
– “Erase & Replace” & “Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll just another form of control” (more rants from Portgual writer)
– Erthygl ar undebau syndical & rhyfel dosbarth
– anti-royal center page spread
– Cats: the ultimate getaway plan
– Erthygl “Gwaith”
– Efa Supertramp UK tour diary
– Yummy vegan carrot cake recipe

Pris – Cyfraniad /// Price – Donation

Fuck Off Facebook #6

Hydref / October 2012

– Free Pussy Riot
– Some cool artwork
– Interview with Louise Distras
– Review of Abergaz’s new album
– Cunts Like This, rants from Portugal
– Cyfweliad gyda Radio Rhydd
– Efa Supertramp European Tour Diary
– Article on Gremlin Alley’s resistance to their eviction
– Erthygl am sgwotio yn Gaerdydd

Pris – Cyfraniad /// Price – Donation



Mae FFWFF yn ffansin anarcha-ffeminyddol yn cynnwys cartŵns, celf, barddoniaeth, stori, profiad, ryseitiau, rhyw ac cyfarwyddiadau i greu rhywbeth adref steil DIY.

FFWFF is an anarcho-feminist fanzine, which includes cartoons, art, poetry, stories, experiences, recipies, sex and DIY instructions.

Ffwff #1

Awst / August 2012

Erthyglau / Articles

– Cyfweliad gyda Patricia Morgan (Datblygu)
– Cerdd gan Rhys Trimble, bardd radicalaidd o Fethesda
– Llwyth o celf / Loads of art
– Article about Louise Michelle and the Paris commune
Cyfweliad gyda’r ddramodwraig Bethan Marlow (Sgint/C’laen Ta)
& mwy / & more

Pris – Cyfraniad /// Price – Donation

Ffwff #2


Erthyglau / Articles

-Cyfweliad efo Jamie Bevan, sydd yn gweithredu drost yr iaith Gymraeg
-How to make a Pussy Riot balaclava
-Article on Bad Girlz (Spiral Tribe)
-Barddoniaeth gan Rhys Trimble
-Haircare for anarchists
-Artwork by//celf gan Mererid Haf
-Artwork and rant by Anis from France
-erthygl ar genfigen
-Article on Little Eris
-Poetry by Emma Manderson
-Celf gan Eluned Annaretsi
-Article on Roller Derby
-Vegan Ice Cream recipe

Suggested donation/awgrymwyd cyfraniad o £1.60


Roedd y gyfres ‘Bitch’ o zines Queercore yn cael ei creu gan Elen Mai Wyn-Jones yng Nghaerdydd
The ‘Bitch’ series was a queercore art zine from Cardiff, compiled by artist Elen Mai Wyn-Jones

Misogynistic Bitch (#1) gan Elen Mai Wyn-Jones

Mysoginistic Bitch

Mae’r un yma hefo lot o lyniau, celf cwl ayyb
This issue is visual, lots of cuts & paste stuff etc

Pris/Price – £1.60

Obsessif Bitch (#2) gan Elen Mai Wyn-Jones

obsessif bitch

Mae’r rhifyn yma yn delio hefo storiau personol merched sydd yn delio gyda problemau iechyd meddwl i neud efo obsesiwn. Difyr ac gonest iawn. Un erthygl yn Gymraeg.
This issue deals with personal stories of women with mental health issues to do with obsessive behaviour. Very interesting and honest.

Pris/Price – £1.60


Efa Supertramp – ‘Space’ zines

#1 – GIVE ME SPACE (2016)
56 page zine documenting Efa Supertramp’s 2015 European Tour – 33 Gigs, 6 Weeks, 8 Countries and over 4,383 Miles. The Zine includes vegan food suggestions for different cities, info about different squats/autonomous spaces, as well as travel stories from the trip. Printed on a risograph, cover is an awesome pink and blue, and inside is printed on recycled paper. Even if you don’t know Efa Supertramp’s music, this is a great zine for people travelling on the continent and hoping for a more underground/alternative tips for travel.

#2 – TAKING UP SPACE (2017)
‘Taking Up Space’ is Efa Supertramp’s second zine exploring ‘space’. The first issue served as an alternative guide to the European squat and DIY scene based around a 6-week tour the folk-punk singer did in 2015; along with interviews with bands she played with and suggestions of great digs for vegan munch. This one still has some of Efa’s tour diaries, but this issue was also open to contributors and Efa weaves her ideas about ‘space’ between some great poetry, art and articles by a great bunch of people.

The zine is 80 pages long, printed on recycled paper on a risograph by the anarchist collective Footprinters in Leeds. The zine was designed by Efa including the eye-catching bright pink and blue cover, which should certainly make its way onto any zine-collector or DIY punk’s book shelf! From the subject of the submissions, the zine was divided into five sections – CITY SPACE focuses largely on public space and gentrification; (Y)OUR SPACE about amazing women and non-binary peepz taking up space to be heard in this world; BORDERS OF SPACE about the man-made division of space which causes so much suffering; HEAD SPACE about mental health and OCCUPY SPACE about squatting and autonomous spaces.

Don’t Lose Your Voice: Vocal Care Zine by Efa SupertrampZINECOVER_2

Efa Supertramp has been a punk vocalist since she was 15, and been touring Europe for over 7 years – as an untrained singer the pressure she put on her voice eventually lead to her getting vocal nodules a decade on from when she started screaming.

This zine condenses some of what she learnt after 2 years of battling with vocal problems, struggling within the health system and contemplating giving up singing all together. It includes information about lifestyle factors, self-care routines, warm-ups and alkaline diets. It also features contributions from Ren (Petrol Girls), Ben (Trigger Warning and the Safe Spaces), Floh (Ztratila Se Kocka), Craig (Punx in Recovery), Beth Munroe and Jan (The Black Elephant Band).

Get this zine if you’re interested in vocal health or are an untrained singer in a DIY punk band who wants to understand more about what affects your voice and how to stay healthy on tour!

Everyone has a singer in them somewhere….
Let’s keep shouting ‘til we’re grannies!!!

This zine is currently sold out, please e-mail us if you want a digital copy.

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